Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Back in town...and back out

We had a great Christmas Day. Being lazy was first priority. Slept very late and went out for breakfast. Then we all came home and sat on the couch, until we realized that we needed to get over to Mario's mom's house and we weren't ready at all. For some reason I had decided to finally put together our ginger bread house. Because why not wait until Christmas day and the day before you leave for 4 days, to make a huge mess in your house. Mario and I were making deals with each other. I told him I would put the ginger bread house together, if he would mix the cement icing. He said he would wash the dishes, if I wrapped the presents...I totally lucked out with this deal. We had decided no presents this year(which means only a few presents really) and I had decided that we weren't using wrapping paper this year. Only reusable bags. There were a lot of dishes. I totally win.

Anyway, it was a great night. Angela is an awesome cook, so we had a wonderful dinner and got to continue our sitting on the couch watching movies. It was a quiet but nice day.

We left Friday morning to drive up to northern CA to visit my family. My mother was VERY excited for our Friday Christmas. The woman was insane. She's like a hyped up poodle. She kept calling to see where we were and when we'd get there. When we finally made it there she was insane.

It was a great night! Mom was the happiest, all of her babies were coming for dinner...Me and Mario, My sister and her boyfriend Tim, my sister's best friend Melanie(she's the third daughter in our family) and her new husband Adam. Lots of wine, lots of food, a few presents and lots of fart jokes mostly made by the girls of course. Mom was in heaven. We had a great time until mom sneezed, which caused her to fart, which made her laugh, and that made her fart more, more laughing, and then her run-farting out of the room.

We're a classy bunch.


  1. Nothing like a little farting to bring family together.

  2. Its nice to hear you had a good Christmas! Your mom always knows how to have a good time ;)


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