Friday, June 11, 2010

I Hate When...

you notice the cat food bowl is empty. So you grab the cat food bag to refill. Pour some cat food in the bowl, but the bag still feels like there is only a little bit left in the bag. So you pour some more in the bowl thinking that the bag is almost empty. However, turns out that there is still more cat food in the bag. The bowl is just about to start over flowing. But there is just a tiny bit left in the bag. You decide that it's ok if the bowl over flows a little. So you pour...but there's still some in the bag. It sounds and feels like there are only a few more pieces of cat food in the bag, but some how the cat food just keeps coming!

In the end, I poured twice as much cat food into the bowl than there was room for. There is cat food on the floor. The water bowl is also now filled with cat food. But that damn bag is finally empty!

And you know what? Dexter loved it. Any time he hears the cat food bag, he comes running, sticks his head right in the cat food waterfall and starts eating.

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