Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a long one!

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to watch Shrek 15 for free. We took it. There just happened to be a family party day going at the same time, so we decided to hang out for a little bit. It was small event. A few games, some food, some drinks. We pretty much cruised it all in 5 minutes...and then I saw it...the palm reader. I jumped in line. I love cheesy stuff like this but, I always miss it. Mario had his palm read at a wrap party and the reader was so right on...I was so jealous! So the minute that I saw this palm reader, I parked my butt in line and refused to move. For like...over an hour. Yeah a little sad, but I was commited. I stood in line the entire time we were at this family deal. I stood still, while Mario and Tadao walked around and played games, ate lots of food, and drank. Not only did they use all their food tickets, they used all of mine and the extra's I had scored off of some kid. Not I didn't steal them, she gave them to me.

After waiting for way longer than I should have, I was pretty stinking excited to finally get to talk to her. I was so excited that I might have done a little dance and squealed a little. She immediately, looked at my palms and said I was a hot tamale. I told her she was absolutely correct. She said that when you have a poofy pad underneath the thumb, it means something about passion or whatever. She said that's why Mario was so patiently waiting for me. Well okay. She next looked at the pad that runs down from my pinky to my wrist. She said that I'm one of those people that needs the ocean to heal me. Totally true. Ever since I was a kid, I would just crave going to the ocean. As soon as I got my license I was at the beach a few times a week. It's still where I go when I'm stressed out or just want to relax. So yeah, she was right on with that.

Then she started looking at the lines on my hand. She first told me that my left hand was what we are born with. Kind of how you are going to be. And the right hand changes over time to reflect decisions we make. On my left hand is a line that kind of dissects my palm in half length wise. She said that I have a lot of luck. Woo hoo! But...that when you look at my right hand, it's broken. That means that I give my luck away to other people. She said I like to help people out a lot. Um, yeah, I do. She said I am giving my hard work and good luck to them. Can't deny that. I'm doing a lot of work for this restaurant.

At one point she looked at me a little confused. She asked me how old I was...33. How long have I been married...2 years this summer. Have I been married before...nope. Hmm. Says here that you were married before when you were younger. Maybe a really deep relationship with someone in my twenties...nope. Mario's my first love. (Later Mario and I figured out, that it might be one of my best friends, Chris. We have this crazy crazy connection. He's the first person that really got me. He sees things that people I have known for years didn't...and we totally argue like we're married. So it fit.) Well, she said the current marriage line runs long and She said it's a long marriage. Good, cause I heard her reading a guy a few people ahead of me. She mentioned his two marriages. He looked over at his wife with a look on his face that said please don't let my wife be listening because she is my first wife and this whole second marriage business won't go over well...awkward!

She mentioned that I am creative. kinda. She said that I have this weird little split in one line that says I should write. She said it's really healing for me. I mentioned the ole bloggy and she said it's probably more helpful for me subconsciously than I realized. Cool.

She said I'm one of those people that needs my alone time...totally. She said that I need that time to gather myself emotionally and to feel everything I'm feeling. Agreed. She also said, sometimes I want to hold back on some of my emotions. She said if I do that, it can affect my marriage. She said I bring it all right now, but don't let myself start holding back or it won't survive. She told me that I obviously have a husband that can handle all that I have to bring. If I hold something back, I am holding a piece of myself back from him. I understood that. Mario and I have always been so great at the communication. We don't fight. We don't yell. We bicker in a normal way. However, we say what needs to be said and talk everything out constantly. I dread the day that ever changes. So, I'm glad that she mentioned that to me. I will remember that.

At that point, I knew my time with the palm reader was coming to an end. so I asked my most important many kids we'd be having. This was where I wanted to check to see if she would match it up with what the other palm reader told Mario. Mario's lady asked him how his two boys were. He looked puzzled and said, well, I don't have two boys, but I do have two boy cats. Does that count? She said no, you will be having two boys. I was sure you'd had them. Oh well, soon. Get ready, they'll be a handful. Great. She was so right on with his past relationship that I totally believe her. She looked at him and said, "you got out of a very bad relationship with someone you were with for a long time. Good thing you did, because it would not ended well for you. I feel like the stress and pain would have been the end of you." Sounds dramatic, but from what I hear about that past situation from friends, family, and Mario, it's a very true statement. Anyway, she said he was in a way better situation now and was super happy...thank you very much.

Well, my palm reader said there'd be two kids. She didn't say if they'd be boys or girls...that would have been cool. She did, however, say they'd be a 2-3 years apart. Interesting.

She went on to say that I let fear keep me from being successful...TOTALLY! I have known this for a while. It's a little different to hear someone say it to me though. She told me that fear is there to slow you down and make you think about a situation. But my fear was unnecessary...true.

At that point, it was time to head on out. I would love to have stayed for an hour, but Mario and Tadao were looking sad and I was burned on one shoulder from standing in line for so long. I was very happy with what I heard. Who knows if it's real or not, but it's fun to hear what they'll say. She was pretty right on. She definitely had me thinking that I need to focus on me and my business. I need to use my luck on myself instead of other people.

Today at the restaurant really sealed the deal for me. All this work I'm doing for them, is work I'm not doing for my own business. I have their back, but no one has mine. I'll still help at the restaurant, but I really need to work for me right now too. It's interesting how lessons come at you. Sometimes they are subtle, sometimes they kick you in the face!

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