Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Smurf Butts

I know I've been talking about it for years now, but I still had no intention of painting our bedroom this weekend. However, once my sister-in-law found out my want to paint, it became her mission to make it happen. A month ago, she pulled paint chips for me to choose from. And this weekend, she showed up with paint supplies. 

I'm not sure how she did it. All I remember is her saying today was the day and then we were off to buy paint. Mario and I moved all our furniture to the center of the room and then we were painting. We didn't even tape the edges. It went quickly and painlessly. We used this cheap cool edger tool and it worked like a charm. Honestly, I think we didn't expect it to work well because it was so cheap...I am officially declaring my love for this cheap little edging tool. No taping, no mess and we were finished in less than two hours. We know this because we put in "The Hangover" for background noise and finished in time to watch the last twenty minutes of the movie.

Now the color was a little bluer than the paint chip looked...which I think is pretty standard when you are looking at a tiny chip. An entire room is going to be a lot of blue. So we have a very blue room...I have decided it's smurf butt blue. It's very blue. But not matter how blue it is, it's still far better than the beige that was there. We have a happy color now. I'm quite fond of it. 

To finish off the room, the SIL and I hit Ikea for some curtains. This is where my commitment phobia rears it head. Curtains and Rugs are a problem for me. I don't want to buy the wrong one. I obviously don't have the same problem choosing paint that I do with curtains and rugs. I stared at curtains for an hour. I knew I wanted white, but I wanted something with a bit of a pattern. The curtains I already have are sheers with a cool pattern and I like them, but they are beat to shit. I needed a heavier drape to stand up against that smurf butt blue. I was very unsure of the curtains I had chosen, until I got them home and hung up. Love them. The room is coming together. 

Now we only have to figure out what kind of lamps we want. That will be decided once we get our artwork for above the bed. Ok we have to decide on a headboard also, but I'll probably upholster one. Right now, I'm waiting to see if I get my birthday wish. And that is custody of three of my dad's vintage pin-up girls. He lucked out and found four Petty prints in an antique shop and framed them up. He gave one to my uncle. The other three were ours. After my father died, my sister and I have shared custody of the girls. We switch back and forth every three or four years. They are gorgeous. So I'll find out during my birthday camping weekend, if I get them. Otherwise I have a really awesome photograph from my friend, that really needs to be put up. Once we have artwork up, I'll have a better idea of what kind of lamps I want.

In the mean time, here is a quick photo...I had to crop in a lot because I didn't want to pull out my pro camera. 

It's pretty toned down in the photos but you get the idea. Dark wood, blue walls, and my pretty white curtains. I'm loving it. My favorite comment when we showed our friends was "you live in a beach house now!" Look even the cat loves it...he's so relaxed me!

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  1. It's a little closer to the blue on the left side of your water blogged logo. I still think it's awesome. And I may steal your curtain style for my own bedroom


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