Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Stuff and Good News

I'm pretty excited today...

My shit is growing and FINALLY turning red! Plus Mario and I found a really great shelf on the corner a few blocks over and hauled it back to our place. It's now been made into two smaller shelves. So now I have to plant a bunch more veggies. But these babies have been growing. There are actually a million tomaters on this plant, but these are the biggest and now one is the reddest.

I'm actually excited about the new shelves, because my little area in the front garden isn't surviving well. Between the gardeners and the cat, all my little plants are getting squished. I'll be honest and say it's the cat more than anything. Onions and beets seem to be doing well out there. I'll probably just clear out some of the things that aren't doing well and transplant them to the planters in the backyard. I'll probably give that area another shot with some bigger plants. We'll see though.

Other good news...My mother in law has officially had her last chemo treatment! She's been dealing with this for just short of two years. She is so happy to be healthy and finished. I could tell because that woman had one hell of a spring in her step! Tonight we'll have a celebratory dinner. And apparently she'd gonna be doing some traveling now. She still has a ton of family in Scotland and a sister in New Zealand, that all want her to visit...I'm thinking I might need to accompany her...yeah that sounds like a good idea.

One last thing. Turns out this designing menus is getting me some other work. Someone came in the restaurant for lunch and Rene, the lady I'm working for, suggested I design out her website and business identity. Sounds fun. Lucky thing my minor was design. Finally coming in handy.

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