Thursday, June 03, 2010

Loving Messages from My Mother

"you know that i do read your blog and you keep talking about me.  BITCH.
I have not seen the elvis at my stores so you do need to buy it.

love you
no more chicken at my house.  Cooked it for the guys in pacificia."

I told my mother to check out the photos of our room on my blog today. She apparently read more. About an hour later I received this email. That was it. If you ever wonder where my randomness comes from, there it is. She cracks me up. This is her trying to be tough. The "Love you" kinda kills the "bitch" though. 

Actually this reminds me of another Sara-ism. It is physically impossible for my mother to say "Fuck You" It comes out as "Go Fuck!" I'm actually surprised that it wasn't in the email. It's her standard loving response to me and my sister.

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