Monday, April 29, 2013

The Mouth

Today I went to the bank to pick up some quarters. It always seems a little too quiet in banks. A woman got into line and started talking to the girl behind me about her tennis shoes for a minute. Then it got quiet again as the next person stepped up to the next open teller. Then the next man in line walked up to another teller, he asked for $1,000 in singles. We all looked at each other.

The man behind the two ladies asked "$1,000 in ones?" The ladies looked at each other and shrugged. One of the ladies said "My that's a lot of ones!" Then my mouth opened and I heard myself say, "Sounds like we're going to a strip club!" Everyone in line giggled. Then we all went back to the quiet.

That's when I really started hoping I didn't say it too loud...cause if I can't be classy, at least I be quiet enough so the whole bank doesn't think this guy is going to a strip club! I didn't want to shame the guy, I mean maybe he was just getting money for his store...nah he was totally going to a strip club! That makes me giggle more!

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