Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nothing says love...

With a million fans and air conditioner going full blast in the house and Mario snoring on the couch, I decided to make my business calls today on a ratty old beach chair on the front lawn. Very professional, I know, and not to mention just plain clas-sy!

Good opportunities seen to be happening on the business front (knock on wood)and I needed to make my calls in quiet and what at least sounded like a business environment. It was nice outside and I had my make-shift desk set up on my lap. Two excellent phone calls down and I couldn't wait to talk to my mom about what was happening.

I had had a nice chat with my mom and she was just passing the phone to my sister, when I noticed that Bob had decided to come outside and hang out with me. Aww, I thought, he wants to hang out with his mommy. Then he squatted next to my foot, peed, and went back in the house.


I keep finding Bob all over the house in different but similar positions. I call it the "cooling his balls" pose...not that he has any. I'm thinking of starting a whole photo album of Bob and his balls. Maybe his own blog....

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