Friday, August 28, 2009

Wax On

As I was running down my night routine before I got in bed, I suddenly realized the dire situation that my eyebrows were in. Just like that, I pull out the waxing kit. I'm poor these days so I have to do the waxing myself...I really dislike waxing myself. I'm horrible at it...which would explain why my eyebrows are such a mess.

The gear is out. One brow down. Wax is on the other brow. When Bob decides to run through the bathroom. Not a big deal. But then I notice that there is one less waxy strip on the counter...and a see a tweaky cat running out of the bathroom flipping his paw around. Cat takes off outside as I try to grab for the white strip that he is trying to rabbit kick off of his foot. Of course I am nekid, so there is no running outside after that little weasel. About the time that I turn around to grab something to cover myself with, cat walks back in like nothin ever happened.

I packed waxing stuff up and put it's too late to deal with this shit.


  1. So you're parading around with one waxed brow and one unwaxed? You sexy bitch.

    I can't believe you wax! I tweeze. It's not as clean as waxing, but I HATE waxing.

  2. You know I am! I've decided to see how long it takes Mario to notice.

    I tweeze sometimes but it just takes so long. I'd rather it all come off at once.


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