Friday, August 21, 2009


I noticed something today. Actually I noticed it before and somehow proved it to be true again today. I was using a lint roller to remove the entire cat from my blouse. I rolled it all over my shirt. Looked down to see that I was clean. Put the lint roller away. Then went to the mirror to check my hair. It's then that I noticed that from the boobs down, my shirt was still covered in cat hair.

I do actually roll the lint roller over my entire shirt. I don't just wave around myself in vain. I work that thing! (Although it would be funny if some how I was just waving it around myself but never actually touching my shirt). I especially made sure to roll my entire shirt after I noticed this problem before. So I can only assume it's the lint roller being lazy "Don't bother getting the whole shirt guys, she can't see past her tits anyway!"

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