Monday, August 24, 2009


Since I'm not getting the tons of work I need, I've been thinking of doing a bit more volunteer work. I've had two different opportunities come up. The first is for the local science fantasy club's 75th anniversary and they needed everyone's headshots for a yearbook. I said ok.

This club is geekiness at it's utmost. I have to admit that I do feel a bit superior in my coolness when I'm around them...if only by a fraction. I know I can't judge, I'm pretty nerdy myself. But I couldn't help but stand there with my mouth open when I heard someone say to a friend "You're a pain in my asteroid!" That is a direct quote and it wasn't supposed to be funny people...he was ser-i-ous! I laughed and then realized I was also a little envious of their comfort with their nerdiness. I sat and listened to conversations between people that I'm not sure was fully in techie it was over my simple little head. I also heard conversations about worlds that sounded as if they were actually real places. These people are so convincing that they almost convinced me that these places were real.

And then the photo shoot was over. I walked out the front door and life was back to normal and as it should be. I left them talking about time travel, role playing games, and universal travel.

It's taken quite a few weekends to get it all photographed. I'm most of the way through editing the images, but some of the members need a little bit of help with photoshop. Spaghetti sauce stains all over the front of a shirt. If you know you are going to a photoshoot, shouldn't you maybe be careful with the sauce? The thing was, it wasn't just one person. There were a few people with some serious lunch on their shirt....oh well.

The second opportunity I have to volunteer is for Team in Training. From what I understand this Team in Training is made up of a bunch of local groups training for marathons for cancer. My friend Tracy has joined up with her chapter. It sounds very cool. The group teaches you how to train from beginning to end. The proper way to walk, best shoes to buy, how to fund raise, etc. The particular team I'm giving some time to is having a bachelor and silent auction. I'm trying to come up with some eligible bachelors and also offering a photography package to be auctioned off from my company. I'm very excited. It also gives me the chance to go to the auction and have a good time. My friend who is on the team is walking in honor of my Aunt Barbara, my Unclie Willie and my Mother-in-law could I resist donating some time! If you'd like to donate to Team in Training here is a link to Tracy's site.


  1. Yeah our uncle was a few years back. I was talking to him about raising money for the cancer relay and he mentioned that he had man cancer but as all good now. Then he got upset that my mom hadn't told us. But he never calls her so I'm not sure how she would know. I think he assumed that if he told Uncle Bob, Uncle Bob would tell Aunt Marian and then she'd tell every one. But I wonder now if he told anyone about it.

  2. Interesting! But then again, you pointed out a very real trend in our family that happens as soon as one person gets some juicy info ;)


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