Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I don't think I've ever told you all this before, but I love Jamie Oliver. He's cute and he has the best cooking show. I love everything about that show. Some times he's cooking on the pizza oven outside, sometimes he's in a cute rustic kitchen, sometimes he's cooking in the middle of the garden. All the veggies, herbs and eggs are from his own yard and the meat is local. He makes everything look so easy. Pretty much everything he makes, I want to eat. I have the last season and a half on DVR and will watch them all the time. I tell you, I love this show. The photographer in me appreciates all the imagery. It's just a beautiful show all around.

I don't cook like he does, but I sure do try sometimes. My fresh herb sour cream sauce with lemon is inspired by his herb yogurt. I make his army carrots...yum. We've made his fresh onions with oregano and garlic, wrapped in foil and roasted on the fire. Of course Mario is dying to try his home-made BBQ sauce and I'd like to make his home made ketchup.

Now that I am growing my own veggies, we seem to have an abundance of fresh zucchini and UFO squash. The UFO squash in our backyard has gone crazy in the last two weeks and now we have a million little squash all over. They seem to stay pretty small. So I picked a bunch yesterday and attempted a Jamie Oliver recipe that I have been wanting to try for a very long time. Crispy Zucchini Flowers Stuffed with Ricotta and Mint. Of course I did it my own way. I used left over herb cream cheese. However, it did have mint, fresh chives and parsley from our backyard.

Sorry, it's out of focus. Mario took the photo and by the time I noticed that it was out of focus, he had already eaten it.

I can assure you though, out of focus or not....so good! The squash was only about 2 inches, so it was nice and tender. Fresh herbs and of course everything is better with cream cheese! We then made a light batter and cooked her up. Heaven!

What's even better is the fact that my little squash plant has a ton more little squash on it! I can't wait! I might even invite some people over to partake!

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  1. Yummy! Can I come over to your house for dinner?


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