Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I just had this argument with Mario

Because I never paid attention in class, I never fully learned my liquid measurement conversions. I can guess pretty well, but when you have some bonehead throwing out random bits of info at the same time, it messes with you.

I have a gallon jug in one hand and a box of Crystal Light in the other.

Me "Ok it says mix each packet with 2 quarts of water. So two packets should do it for this one gallon jug"

Mario "Well I thought 2 quarts is a pint"

Me "What? Why would 2 quarts equal a pint? A pint is small"

Mario "Well, is the pint smaller or the quart?

Me "The Pint is smaller. But how many quarts are in a Gallon?"

Mario "Well ok, there are 4 pints in a quart"


Mario "Well if there are 4 pints in a quart, How many pints would be in a gallon"

Me "Mario I don't care about pints! I want to know how many quarts are in a gallon! I give up! I will look it up on the internet!....4 quarts equal a gallon. So yes two of these packets will make one gallon."

Mario "Yeah that sounds right"

Me "Are you trying to make my head explode?"

The thing is he was sitting there with his laptop on his lap the entire time. He could have looked it up at any time. However, I want to know why he has this fixation with the pints...who cares about pints!

PS...I'd like to mention that the best Crystal Light is from Mexico! My sister slipped me some from her mother-in-law's stash and it's way different. They use cane sugar instead of the aspartame(sp) stuff. If anyone is interested, I'll be starting CLight smuggling ring to bring the good stuff here!


  1. They are great huh! I get them all the time. Whenever someone goes to TJ I get a couple of bottles. Now I know who to bring some to when I go.


  2. Yeah, they're way better and I really really love the Jamaica(I think that's what it's called).Next time you go you'll have to get me some of those packets...better yet we'll all go!


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