Friday, August 07, 2009


I totally lost the entire day today. Most people have really good reasons they get side tracked. However, let me give you the lame run down on what happened.

I have been working on Mario's storyboards trying to get them resized and in a slideshow to go online. I've been powering through pretty well. I started off the morning full force. I was working through a really long story board. I had my glass of water next to me. Head phones on listening to my podcasts. I was focused.

Then it happened. One of the people said one thing. And that one thing started the end of the working day. He said one thing that was so intriguing that I had to immediately stop and look it up.

"I saw a picture of a girl who made a pair of men's underwear into a sports bra"

Yup, that did it. That's all it takes. Say some crap like that and I must see. So I located the video. And it was interesting. And she had a million more videos to watch. We know that she can make a sports bra from men's underwear. She can make a bikini from a pair of leggings. She made a dress and a skirt from a pillow case. She can make flip flops and sandals from tires and a pair of jeans. She made bathing suits, dresses, skirts, and other shirts from tshirts. Really, she's pretty amazing with what she can do. But I hate her also. She's the tiny hot exotic woman who can make a full dress from a SMALL TSHIRT!

They really are well made little videos. They're informative and cute, but all the cutesy modeling around by miss perfect butt is too much to take. Yet I still watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of her videos.

Then I moved on to this other how-to channel called "Thread Banger". It's a very cool hip web channel that has all sorts of cool tips and fun stuff. Personally I think it's way too cool for me to even be looking at. However, I was totally won over by a video submitter called "Knitta Please" I couldn't stop laughing.

I did have to cut myself off after a while. Once I get all these storyboards finished I'll probably spend an entire day watching this shit. Anyway, here is the video that started it all...

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  1. yea I was watching those videos all night yesterday, thanks a lot woman :P I'm so annoyed I didn't think of that Jewelry Organizer before.
    We've gotta get together just to play on crafty websites and get ideas. I have a sewing machine.


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