Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Got my mind on my money and my mind is all over the place

Life... is pretty boring when you're broke. I've had some good shoots lately, I've been very happy about that. They've kept me busy and my confidence up. The only part that sucks...waiting for the dang checks! The client loved loved the work, gushed all over the place about it. However, I have to wait for the other photographer that was working there also to turn in his work, before I can really invoice her. Sounds weird, I know. She ordered a set package but I know she's going to order way more than what's in the package. It seemed silly to invoice her for the package and then invoice her again for the additional images. So now I wait for the other photographer to hand over the work. Hopefully he's on top of his shit...I needs my monies.

Water...I finally broke an obsessive habit. I went to bed without a glass of water! I know! I survived the night without my "blankie" I did, however, jump out of bed this morning and run for a glass of water. I was really thirsty ok? When I go to bed with a glass of water, it usually remains untouched. Go to bed without, wake up dehydrated.

Stupid...I've noticed something lately. I've been hesitant to mention it because it's just stupid. Here goes...I worry about being bored in the bathroom. When I jump up to run in for a quick trip, I actually have to stop myself from bringing in a book or my phone. It's not like I'm in there that long. I do keep a Sudoku book in there, just in case. However, even with the suduko book, I feel the need to bring in more entertainment. What is going on with me? I can entertain myself pretty well under normal circumstances. But what is it about being in that boring box of a bathroom that makes me want to bring in a laptop and three books? Do I really need to be entertained that much? Maybe the bathroom ghost is gone and now it's lonely? Maybe I need to make over the bathroom? Who knows. All I know is that I am fighting off that need to bring stuff into the bathroom with me.

Well that's is as exciting as it gets for me right now. Besides poking myself in the eye this morning, I've just been trying to drum up some photography work. This is when owning your own business is poop!

Until next time, here's a photo of Bob...


  1. I've been telling Brett for months that we need a TV in the bathroom rather than the spare room.

  2. I am with you on the water thing. I need to break that bad habit because the cat ALWAYS knocks it over if she can't get her head down low enough in the glass to get the water. I am always awaken in the middle of the night to crashing/breaking glass and water going everywhere.

    I am also with ya on the bathroom thing too. I had to admit this but if Im on my laptop and gotta go, the laptop comes with me. Even if I know I will be only a minutes, the laptop comes. ::hangs head in shame::

  3. PS The whip it headband on the cat is great. The group that sang that song, Devo, are from my town and two of them are my cousins.

  4. Well after having the cat knocking water over problem, I finally put a little bowl out for them. They still will steal water from my glass though. I also have to do this on my desk. They will drink out of my cup if I don't have a bowl for them. Bob routinely checks everyone's glasses to see if he'd like some. I'm sure this is going to upset a guest one day.

    Being related to Devo...major brag points!


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