Friday, July 31, 2009


It's interesting how our dreams can effect our day. Have an upsetting dream and you can spend the rest of the day in a funk. Have a sexy dream and you can spend the rest of the day all hot and bothered. Have a dream that you are being hunted down by the cops...and you can spend all day paranoid that the Popo are gonna get you!

Can you guess which one I had? I only wish it was the sexy dream! Yeah, I dreamt that I was being chased by the cops. They were looking all around for me and I kept getting away. I didn't even know what I had done!

I drove out to the garden today to do some work and on the way there, were three CHPs. I hadn't done anything, yet I was getting nervous. Then cruising through the neighborhood there were two cops. Of course I played it cool and pretended to not notice them, so they wouldn't know that I was on to them. But I kept thinking, what if the dream comes true! What if it was an omen! What if I am arrested for something I didn't do! Another four more CHP were on the way home...

Holy crap I just realized why I dreamt that...I started a new book yesterday and that was all in the first 5 pages...bonehead! I wish I had realized that earlier. Maybe I wouldn't have been so paranoid all day!

Originally I was going to say that I need to de-stress more often, then I won't have dreams like that. Now I know I can't read just before bed anymore... but I love reading before bed. So I guess I will just have to keep living on the straight and narrow, and maybe read some less exciting books...then I won't have to worry about all those coppers out to get me!

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