Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rude People!

Tonight we went to a newer fancy outdoor shopping mall to watch an outdoor movie. Tonight's movie was Moonstruck. I want to say that I'm the only person who hasn't seen Moonstruck, but there was an audience of children who were seeing for the first time also.

The place looked packed, but we found a nice clear spot. It was marked off by velvet ropes. Which would tell you that only special people can sit there. However, there were three old ladies sitting in there like queens. So we figured if they could sit there, we could sit there also. We did double check with one of the workers and they said we'd be fine there. So we unloaded our chairs and blankets and made ourselves at home.

A few minutes in, I started questioning where we were sitting. I started thinking that it was the old lady section. Then I decided it was the handicap section. I'm still not sure if it was either, but they didn't kick us out, so we stayed.

After we settled in, Angela and I decided to run over to the drug store for a few snacks and drinks. We walked over real quick, picked up some movie essentials and headed for the line. Angela went ahead of me. She started trying to make a little small talk with the cashier. The cashier was a bit quiet and wasn't wanting to converse with some happy dork who gets to sit out on the lawn while she works. Just about the time that Angela got her change and receipt, I decided that I was tired of holding all my purchases. So I barge forward and throw my stuff on the counter.

Angela immediately stares me down and yells "Excuse me lady! That was so rude!"

So I yell back "Can you move along! I have some place to be!"

I look up at the cashier. She looks at me shocked and then looks down and very slowly starts scanning my stuff...trying to make herself as small as possible.

Angela starts in again "You need to learn some manners and wait your turn in line!"

I yell back "oh shut up and go!"

The cashier looks at me again like "I can't believe you have started this" She's kind of pleading with me to stop and half looking at me like I was so rude. So I pointed at Angela and said "She's my sister-in-law"

The cashier grabs her heart and yells "Oh thank god! You two scared me! I thought I was going to have to call the cops!" We started cracking up. This once quiet cashier got the shock of her life and was so funny. She told Angela "You looked and sounded so real! I was waiting for you to really start screaming!" Then she turned to me "And you looked so real too. You just kept arguing back! I can't wait to go home and tell my family! You'd be surprised how often those arguments happen! I thought this was going to be a real one! You two get the Oscar!"

Needless to say, we were pleased with ourselves. She perked up for her last hour of work and we giggled all the way back to our seats.

It ended up being a really nice evening. The movie was fun and the people watching was fantastic. Too bad we finally decided to go on their last movie of the season, we'd like to see more.

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