Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mario cheated on me...

with this...meet Google

No it's not some sort of bestiality thing(I know I'm going to regret typing this)...I'll explain

This last weekend, we took care of some animals while a few of our friends were out of town. We happily did this because 1)the dogs are fun 2) great air conditioning 3) there are 4 pools around his condo. While I'm sure went spent more time swimming than actually hanging out with the dogs, we did spend more time with the dogs than was requested...like I said great air conditioning.

Saturday afternoon, was a lazy one. We had been out to the veggie garden to check on things and then decided to spend the rest of the afternoon with the dogs and the pool. We got into the house, let the dogs out, and settled in for a little while. Angela and I were watching a little tv and playing with the dogs. After a long week of working, Mario promptly came in and passed out in the office chair. (The office chair is right next to the couch.)

When Mario passed out, I saw the little guy above, Google, tiptoeing his way over to him. I immediately knew what was going to happen. Google is not a tiptoer, the dog is crazy and hyper. So the minute I saw him trying to be sly, I knew I had to watch. I'm sure most of you know Mario has a nice big round tummy. Most animals love it because it gives them a nice platform to sit on. Kinda like this...

Google climbed up to the back of the couch and slowly took one step onto Mario's belly. He then paused to make sure that he wasn't waking Mario up. At this point I quickly try to get Angela to turn around, so she can witness this awesomeness. Google then jumps the rest of the way onto Mario's belly. Of course this 15 pound dog is completely unnoticed by Mario. Google balances himself and then promptly sticks his tounge right down Mario's open snoring mouth.

Now there is a few seconds where you can see Mario waking up a little thinking that I'm giving him a nice little kiss. Then he wakes up enough to realize this isn't a nice little kiss from my wifey, I am being tongue kissed by a dog! I almost fell off the couch laughing. Poor Mario looked like he had been violated! And Google was more than pleased with himself! Mission Accomplished!

(yes I did realize that I was going to be kissing Mario after this...but I couldn't not let it happen!)

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