Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Things I'm Worried About Today

My first worry is about chapstick. In the past I know I have confessed my addiction to the chapstick. I have always been very particular about the type of chapstick I use. I stick with the moisturizing. That's it. However, Recently I have noticed that I am willing to use any and all chapstick that I can get my hands on. Even the cherry flavored chapstick...and that just doesn't happen. Cherry flavor is the kid flavor that gets all goopy and always has sand stuck to it. Yet I am happy to apply it. I kind of feel like the alcoholic who's willing to drink mouth wash or rubbing alcohol to get their drink on. I kind of want to be worried about it, but on the other hand I'm really not willing to stop using the chapstick. So should I really worry?

Add this to my Christmas List people!

Second, I love tomatoes! I eat tomatoes like apples. Mario has finally come to terms with the fact that unless he makes tomato sauce when the tomatoes come through the door, there will not be enough tomatoes left for him to use.

Mario's friend brought a HUGE bag of home grown tomatoes on Friday. So, the amount of tomatoes that I have eaten since Friday is worrisome for sure. I have tomatoes for breakfast, tomatoes for lunch and some for dinner. I have also found out that Dexter takes after me in his love for tomatoes. He was climbing over me to get to the tomatoes that I was eating today. He would have had more if he could have willed me to go get more with his little cat mind. He loved them so much that I might have gotten him more, but I was worried about what might happen to his little cat bowels. And this is something that only occurred to me because, the amount of tomatoes that I have eaten is high enough to have affected my bowels...aren't you glad I told you.

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