Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well I put my question out to the universe and the universe answered loud and clear. Yes continue on your path of using all the world's chapstick!

Today after lunch Mario and I ran by the pharmacy to pick up his mother's prescription. As we were checking out, the pharmacist asked for my store membership card. I pulled it out and handed it over and she scanned it. They usually print out a bunch of coupons and I'm always curious what it's going to tell me I need. I'm pretty sure that when they scan the card that their super computer keeps track of everything you have ever purchased there and when. Because that super computer keeps track of when I get my period and is always right on track with a coupon for tampons. Actually there have been times when that computer has been pretty judgmental also, that bitch of a computer has spit out some coupons for diet pills. Not appreciated, oh psychic computer! But today, I was curious. We had just had lunch, so the diet pills could have been in the mix. But today, today I got the coupon of my dreams...a coupon for a free chapstick!

This was the universe telling me that it is perfectly ok to have this all consuming addiction to lip balm product or at least the CVS super computer is telling me this. And you can bet your ass I immediately handed her back the coupon and said hand over my chapstick lady! I'll be honest it is the store off brand. I'm not one to go off brand with my chapstick, but free won on this. And between original and cherry, I chose cherry. I'm a little ashamed of this but it really didn't overshadow the pure joy I felt as I walked out with my free chapstick.

Of course Mario's comment as we walked out of the store..."No better place to fulfill your addiction then at the pharmacy!" I'm sure the warning bells were sounding as we walked out. Next time I scan the card, the super computer will be spitting out a chapstick anonymous coupon.


  1. I give you permission to have an addiction to lip gloss...

    maybe because I am obessessed with Burt's Bee's Myself!

  2. Well your addiction is contagious I used to only carry chapstick in the winter in Michigan. I now have a Burt’s Bee’s chapstick in my purse, backpack (which tends to hold my purse, HA), knitting bag, and bedside table. At least you have company. :)

  3. I love the coupons. The grocery store ones are usually pretty good but the pharmacy ones are always hit or miss. I rarely shop at the pharmacy but when I do I spend way too much. That's when the save $5 coupon comes out. After the fact. Enjoy your free chapstick!


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