Monday, June 09, 2014

I finally did it!

Ok, I only ordered new business cards...but really I have been putting it off for a year now. To be fair I did order some last year around this time...but I totally spelled "architectural" incorrectly. Who the hell is going to hire someone to photograph their architectural work if they can't even spell it!

Because of that embarrassing typo, I kept putting off ordering new cards. Partially deciding that the money would be better spent somewhere else. Probably punishing myself a bit also. I have this beautiful website and my old ugly business cards that don't least they are spelled correctly though.

However, even those old cards have an issue. First of all I hired someone to design a new logo...I never liked it and then I never said what type of photography I work in. Might not seem like a big deal to most people. However, when you say photographer, people assume I photograph people or weddings. When you work in a niche area like real estate and architecture, you need to point that out. One day someone will randomly pick up my business card and think, "Architectural Photographer! This is exactly the type of photographer I have been looking for!"

I'm also excited because my cards will have different photos on the back. I have been pulling my favorite photos for a while now. Trying to decide which to use. Which will represent my work best. Then I had Mario come through and help choose the best. I don't want to use a photo that I love, but really doesn't look great on the card. I get attached to some photos and need to learn to let them go. So Mario came through and we got rid of half the photos that I wanted to use. I have to admit it was hard to do. He just zipped through and told me which to delete. I tried not defend a few and then realized he was totally right. Then I got rid of about five more while I was designing the card. I'm happy with my selection and will be excited to see how they turn out!

The second thing I finally got around to doing was printing up a bunch of photos. We have a decent hallway and I've been wanting to put a bunch of family photos up. Ikea sells of frame-less glass frames...if that makes sense. It's basically a piece of glass with brackets. I like the look of them. Of course when I went to ikea to buy some, they had stopped selling them. However, I knew someone who did have a bunch of different sizes and were just storing them. My mother. I begged her for a bunch and she mailed them to me before Christmas! How ungrateful that she send me these frames and I didn't get my act together and print photos for them. So, last night, I decided I was going to order these damn photos! I think I printed 20-25 prints from my favorite printer. They should be here tomorrow...I can't wait to see them! I want them up on the wall for when my mom and sister come down next weekend. I think it will be fun to see and also she won't give me shit if they are up and not in a box still!

I think the motivation is really about getting these things finished that I have been wanting to get done now while we have the time and money. We figure once kids come into the picture, we won't have the time or cash to do it. Why we sit on these ideas for so long, I don't know.

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