Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Trouble with Lipstick

I don't have the best luck with lipstick. I've never been great at being able to choose a color or formula that works with me. Especially if I'm just seeing a tube and not able to see the color on my skin. Maybe I have an odd color skin or maybe I'm just picky. I'm not sure, but I have quite a collection of unwearable lip products.

The only real great product I've gotten was a lip gloss that my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas one year. I love the color. I loved the formula. It's on the more expensive side. However, I'll happily pay that price for something I know I'll love wearing.

I don't love paying anything for shit I don't love. Boy do I have a knack for buying shit that I don't love. I've tried 15 hour lip stain that only lasted an hour. I've tried lipstick that's too drying on my poor chapstick addicted lips. I've tried colors that look great in the tube but looked absolutely horrible on me. I've tried lip glosses that made my lips sting. I've had lipstick that wears off my lip quickly and leaves me with only a line around the edge of my lips...cause that's cute. Just last week I decided to try a 24 hour liquid lipstick. It looked like a good color and hey, if it lasts a few hours...win.

Honestly I was curious how long it would last. I got to the car and opened up the tube. Looked good. Smelled good. Applied. Eh on the color. If it will last through a photo shoot, however, I could live with the color. I started driving home and I noticed a spot on my lips that felt sticky. By the time I got home, my lips were sticking together. Not good. I get it. If you want that shit to stay on for 24 hours, it's gotta stick to you. Well it was really sticking. I finally got to the point where I had to put lip gloss over the top. I needed that barrier so my lips wouldn't stick together. It worked. It was definitely more comfortable. Unfortunately, usually once you put something over the top of it, it won't last as long. Well, it actually lasted a decent amount of time. I ate, drank and applied more chapstick over the top. I think it actually lasted a few hours. I haven't tried it again since because honestly it wasn't that comfortable. It was such an odd feel, that it's all I could think about. I want to put something on and not think about it. I will give it a second chance...I'm just not sure when.

So, yesterday, since I wasn't completely happy with that buy and I was still jonesing for a new great lip color, I bought this.

I thought the color looked pretty. I thought it looked like a spring color. I feel like it would be like my lip color but better. I also thought it might be either sheer or just a nice formula because it's called butter lipstick. So, as soon as I got to my car and applied it. It felt very nice. It felt like lip balm. Then I looked in the mirror. No way. That shit is light pink! Almost white! This is me feeling very disappointed again..but with almost white lips! I swear I keep looking at that tube and wondering where it went wrong.

I have to admit, it's not looking quite as light in the photo as it is in real life. It almost looks ok. Don't trust the photo though. I wouldn't go outside in this color.

Mario actually came home tonight, looked at the tube and said "oh that's a nice color!" I told him to wait and I'd show him. I only got it on my bottom lip before he started laughing. I need to start shopping where there are samples...only that just seems not so cleanly. I'm just going to buy my same lip gloss that I love.

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