Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Camping Season is upon us!

I'm so excited to be camping this weekend up in Big Bear! It will be cold at night, beautiful during the day. We are camping right along the lake, so we are thinking about doing some fishing also! A good group of friends. Laying in my hammock reading. Eating some damn good food. Friday can't come soon enough people!

There is one thing that eludes me though. That one thing that I just haven't  gotten a hold of in the last 10 years of camping. Organization. You know I love organization. Love it! So, every time we go camping, I think I will get it figured out so-help-me-god! Every year, I get so frustrated with the amount of crap all over the table and hunting through bins to find one thing. And every year I am determined to finally figure out the perfect system to house all our camping shit.

When I was young, my parents seemed to have it down. There were like 5 cardboard boxes that were packed into our tent trailer along with clothes, chairs, food, dogs and we were set. It seemed simple. Maybe they didn't bring the amount of shit we do.

Actually I'm sure I need to par down. I already know I'll go through and take some things out that just aren't working. Kitchen organization is the worst. I've never gotten that down. There are pans and utensils borrowed from the home kitchen. Big things, small things. I just have a big plastic bin that everything gets thrown into and becomes the biggest most disorganized mess to deal with while camping. Ok I just spent an hour on pinterest looking up ideas.This year, I'm going to try to employ some tricks. A hanging shoe organizer to store kitchen and cooking supplies. They won't be sitting all over the table...less mess.

Instead of big bins, I think I'm going to look into plastic drawers and smaller more focused bins. Keep things separated and easier to get to. Worth a try. If not, I'll organize other shit with it! Wish me luck! 

I'll post photos when we get back. Also, have I told you before that the minute that I make plans for myself, my clients call for a bunch of shoots. It's very hard to say no to them, but sometimes I've got to do things for me too! Still there is a little guilt, they are the reason I get to take vacations. Off to home depot and kmart in the name of organization!

PS. Upon looking at other people's master camping lists, I was shocked by the amount of extension cords and crock pots on the lists. I know we do not suffer while camping, but holy hell that's a bit over the top! 

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