Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blogging ADD

1. Can we talk about how old I'm getting. No not me, my body. I'm still immature and a potty mouth. I went to a shoot today and came home with a stiff knee. I didn't do anything I don't do at most shoots. It was actually a fairly easy shoot. However, after the shoot, walking to my car, I could feel it stiffening. Nice. It's also popping a bit. It's just rebelling. 38 is closing in and my body is proving to me that I'm old and out of shape. Luckily I've been starting to work out a bit...which now that I think about it might be the reason my knee is out of whack. Oh must be done.

2. I would love to know who added to Million Dollar Listing New York to be recorded on our DVR. Totally not Mario's kind of show, so he wouldn't have it record. I'm really not into seeing that kind of vanity and ego. I would never want to photograph for people like that. (This is where Mario would pipe up and point out that I do watch the Kardashians...and they are vain and egotistical) I'm sure most of the ego is for the show, but I'm still not into it. In the mean time it keeps recording. It's not on the roster anywhere, it just shows up. Maybe with my business being more successful this year, I'm supposed to watch and get some business ideas?

3.I was a little bored this I decided to weed the backyard. I'm not sure why this was my choice to fill the time...maybe it was my maturity showing up again. However, I've been working on my website and marketing like crazy this week, so I've been sitting in front of the computer non stop. I'm a bit tired of it really. So weeding it was. I also want to get some last minute veggies planted. Even with the stiff knee, I was out there and actually got the bulk of the weeds out. I made pretty good time, but I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. I'm ok with that. However, what I don't love it what ever attacked me. I'm not sure if it was a weed or a mean spider but I have some very itchy welts on my side and my foot. Since I don't like spiders at all, I'm going to pretend that some weed that I'm allergic to got up under my shirt and scratched me. Whatever it was, it itches like a bitch! It just goes to show you that it's just not worth doing the weeding! Ok the backyard looks great.

4. My sister informed me a few days ago that she thinks she saw one of my photos in OK magazine. Interesting. I did photograph one of the houses that is used on the tv show, Modern Family, a few months back. The house is used for the exteriors of Claire and Phil's house and the owner decided to sell it. Lindsay said it was a story about that. It's funny how much attention the little house got. My photos were on a video by the Wall Street Journal, The Examiner, The Hollywood Reporter, Daily, a bunch of other websites, and I actually got a call from The Insider to have my photos on their show. I thought that was cool, but alas, I couldn't have my photos on there. I think there was a conflict with the tv stations. Would have been cool to see my photos on the tv.

5. A few weeks ago, I set up the appointment for our orientation for foster and adoption through LA. We are sooooo excited to get this going! Mario thought we should celebrate, but I had to remind him that it's only the orientation. Lets celebrate when we finish our classes and get a kid in our house! I can't wait to see how this all turns out!

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