Friday, February 08, 2013

Laundry Day

I have been shooting a pretty good amount in the last week, so I was happy to be able to work at home today. I had a list of chores that need to be done. A shoot to edit, dishes, laundry, bathroom, website, taxes, shopping...a good full list.

First thing I did when I got up today was to get the laundry ready and separated. I had everything set out on the bed. I got my quarters ready. I got my soap and dryer sheets out. I got the dog on a leash (because for some reason she feels she deserves to walk over to the laundry room with me any time it's laundry day). I got us all out the door and strolled to the laundry room, only to find that it was in use. It's a rare occurrence. Most of the time I feel like I have the laundry room to myself. So, Tula and I carried the laundry back to the apartment. I set the bags on the couch and told Mario that Nathaniel was doing laundry, so I'd check back later.

Later ended up never happening. I got side tracked by everything else on the list and I really don't like to walk out to the laundry room in the dark. The laundry remained on the couch ready for me to wash it tomorrow. However, Mario was heading to the bedroom to go to bed and I knew that the laundry was still separated out on the bed. So, I yelled to Mario to just put the piles into either laundry bags or back into the dirty laundry basket and I'd just get it tomorrow and to ignore the smallest pile on the right because I needed to hang it up. I was just about to get up and help put it away, when Mario yelled that he had it.

I continued to work on my taxes. I heard Mario moving around and straightening things out. Then I heard him put something away in the linen closet and in the bathroom, but then he went back in the bedroom and got into bed. I couldn't figure out exactly what he was doing, but thought maybe he was just straightening up other things.

I got up decided to say good night to him. When I walked in though I saw that there were a few piles of folded clothes on the bed.

Me..."Babe, did you fold all the clothes on the bed?"
Mario looking very proud..."Yup"
Me..." you folded all the dirty clothes and put it away?"
Mario now looking sheepish "yup"
Me..."aww...Thanks honey"
Mario..."well, it didn't smell bad"
Me..."Wow, really?"
Mario..."I did notice that my blue shirt still had some stains on it and needed to be rewashed...or I guess it just needed to be washed"
We both started cracking up.
Me..."so you folded and put away your dirty underwear?"
Me..."and you folded and put away my dirty underwear?"
Me..."Thank you honey...I don't even fold my own underwear. Oh man are we going to have to do the smell test?"
Mario..."We could just wash everything."
Me..."So we should just wash all of the clothes we own? I don't think we have enough quarters. Did I hear you put dirty towels in the linen closet?"
Mario..."yup and I hung up the dirty towels back up in the bathroom."
Me..."aww, least your pretty."

I feel bad that he did all that work! He folded and put all the clothes away in record time! Poor guy was just being nice. I'm still laughing about it. Now I get to unfold the rest of the clothes on the bed that he didn't know where to put.

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