Tuesday, March 05, 2013

When I'm Good, I'm Really Good

Good news first...my new website is up! It's not complete, but it's up. It will be a work in progress for a while, but at least I have bigger better photos up to represent me. So, go take a look and tell me what you think.  www.mediacarrot.com

Now let me tell you how I've been beating the crap out of myself. Mentally, I'm great. Physically, I'm a mess. It started at the end of January when Mario got me sick. Nothing major. Just a cold that kept me in bed for a week. The only pain in the ass was the cough that would not go away for weeks!

Cut to two weeks ago. Mario and I were picking up some drinks to take to the drive in. We were all meeting up back at our house in an hour. We speed shopped, jumped back in the car, shut the door, and then felt a screaming pain in my right foot! I wised up, opened the door and removed my foot from the car door! It was one of those moments when Mario knew to keep quiet until he heard me breathe again. I had slammed my pinky toe and the toe next to it in the door. Luckily my shoe helped diffuse the pressure. It hurt like hell for a few days but I was ok.

Then last week, I walked into the bedroom to get on the tread mill. As I walked past to get my shoes, I kicked the treadmill with my other foot. I heard a little snap and froze in pain...waited for the pain to subside a bit. Ooh baby, this one hurt far worse than slamming my foot in the car door! Luckily it was just bit of bruising and discomfort while sleeping and walking for a few days.  At least my other foot was feeling better.

Then Mario was nice enough to give me another cold last week. I think I made it worse by working through it instead of taking it a bit easy. I was just about to take a hose to my nose to clear out my sinuses and lungs, when I finally got a hold of some good medicine. I also decided to take it easy and get lots of sleep Saturday and Sunday.  Thankfully I started to feel better and have finally gotten control over my new even more annoying cough.

Today I finally saw a real improvement in my cold, but have been sporting a two day migraine. Then to add insult to injury...or injury to insult. I cracked my left pinky finger on the dinner table. What the hell is going on with me?! I tried ignoring it hoping it would feel better. It was a bit swollen and then I realized it was bruising up. yay! So, we stopped and got one of those finger sling things. Annoying, but at least it's immobilized. I don't think it's broken and I don't think they can do much for a pinky anyway, so I'm just going to be good and take enough ibruprophen to take care of my migraine and pain.

I'm such a mess...but at least my pretty new website it up!

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