Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Personal Trainer

A few months back Mario and I purchased a treadmill. It took the better part of a day to wrestle that bitch down the hall and into the bedroom...but we eventually got her in there. Over the last few months my relationship with the treadmill has been similar. I wrestled with it at first but, now it's there. And now my feelings for the treadmill changed from extreme dislike to slight enjoyment. I actually find myself being drawn to it a bit now.

When I started it was torture. The treadmill is well placed next to a tv for distraction, but it's really no help. You're going no where and there really isn't anything on television to distract me enough to make the walking any easier or more fun. It was pretty painfully boring really.

However, I have a new obsession. This new obsession is getting me through treadmill time. You guessed it...youtube makeup tutorials. Yeah, I can watch these non stop. Good tutorials of course. These are the perfect distraction for me on the treadmill! What's even better is that I can attach my ipad to the speakers on the treadmill and blast those crazy tutorials non stop! 

I usually make a deal with myself to watch 5 or 6 tutorials. No stopping until a tutorial is completely finished, even if I've already hit an hour. Sometimes I'll crank up the incline for one full tutorial or I'll run while the tutorial buffers to a point. It's worked out really well for me, because I love those tutorials and am willing to pay the price to watch them.

The only thing working against me is our damn wireless internet. One day I decided to put the treadmill on the highest incline for one full tutorial. I ended ended up on that incline for 40 minutes because I refused to give in to the slow internet...I was determined to watch that whole tutorial! My body hurt the next day. Earlier this week I ended up on the treadmill for nearly an hour and 20 minutes just because the internet was being a jerk and decided that I didn't really need to see the second half of the tutorial on Smoky Sparkle Crystal Party Eyes...but I didn't give up! I needed to know where those Sparkle Crystals went on those eyes! This is important shit after all. 

Somehow the internet has become my personal trainer against my will. You are stubborn internet, but I am just as stubborn. Challenge accepted internet, challenge accepted!

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