Friday, December 21, 2012

It's That Time Of Year

That time of year when I start getting excited about starting off the New Year! It didn't even really occur to me that it was coming up, until I realized what I was doing. Organizing shit. I'm not even finished dealing with Christmas stuff!

It started a few weeks ago while doing laundry, I found myself reorganizing mine and Mario's dresser. It came out of no where. Then bam! Dressers looked good and everything fit in them again. It happened again the next week. I decided to start my end of year business tax paperwork early! Why? I have no idea. However, I just have a few updates and I'm ready for taxes. Then last week again. It was midnight and Mario and I had just gotten home...and I started organizing the hall linen closet. I have no idea what started it or even how long it took, but next thing I knew the entire closet was straightened up, rearranged, and there was more space. Then I moved on to the bathroom cabinet and baskets for organizing. I was excited about the closet and bathroom cabinet though, because those two chores had been on my to-do list for so long it was making crazy. However, I was so inspired that I moved on to the medicine cabinet and the two cabinets above the toilet. Why shouldn't I be organizing band-aids and medicine at 2 am?

The only problem...this whole New Years nesting, reorganizing craziness that I do every happening sooner and sooner! I should be relaxing and working through December  My plate has been full with work more work than usual, a new website, and being the go to girl for all the family photos...why am I adding to my plate already full plate?

Because it makes me stinking happy! Lame, I know! There's more on my list though. Our awful bedroom closet has been calling my name for months! I've been fantasizing about fixing that shit up! It's a mess! I have big plans when I get a chance...I'm hoping January will bring some time for me to work on it. Especially if I get all this organizing crap finished like I am! However, then there are all the photos that I need to organize into photo albums, the family photos that need to be scanned, a ton and a half of negatives that need to be scanned, oh and the garage that really needs a picking through...ok I'm a little less excited about organizing  the garage, but it will awesome to be able to park in it again and not run over crap!

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