Thursday, December 06, 2012

Christmas Treats

I recently found out that you aren't supposed to flush cat litter down the toilet. Maybe you already knew this...I did not. Most boxes say flush-able after all. I was a little bummed. It's so easy to throw that shit right down the crapper and move on. One easy step! I even almost pretended that I didn't hear this new information, but the nice girl at the pet store mentioned the poor sea otters. Damn cute sea otters. Lucky for them, the guilt overrode the lazy part of me and now I put the unmentionables in little bags and deposit them in our trash, instead of flushing it.

This has been in practice for at least a few months. Mario does his part and empties the litter box before he leaves in the morning. I'm usually stuck with the rest of the day. So, as I was running around trying to clean up a bit yesterday, I got a little side tracked and put the little bag on the entertainment unit next to the mail.

It was completely forgotten until later that evening when Mario came home. I was just headed down the hall, when he started to talk to me. I turned around and started answering his question, but couldn't concentrate...because I was watching Mario play with this little white bag on the entertainment unit. He was holding one of the little fun size candy bar shaped "gifts" in the bag. He gave a light squeeze...rolled it around...and then looked up at me confused.

Me..."What are you doing?"
Mario..."What are these?"
Me..."cat shit, babe"
Mario..."Oh my god!" jumping backwards as if he'd been attacked "OH MY GOD!"
Me..."What did you think it was?"
Mario..."I thought someone had given us some candy! I was trying to figure out what it was without breaking into the bag!"
Me laughing..."Babe, it's the same white bag you fill up with poop every morning...what looked different about it?"
Mario..."I don't know...oh my god!"

I love that he empties the litter box every day and yet he was completely grossed out by this fondling through the bag. Maybe he had already imagined himself eating one of these morsels?

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