Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Better Garden

We have a bigger backyard now. With the bigger backyard we knew there would be more serious veggie planting. We put in raised beds, plus there is actual ground to plant in...I figured it would be easier to grow veggies, plus I can grow things I haven't been able to grow before just from not being constricted to small containers.

So, I put in my first winter garden. I am so excited to plant things I haven't planted before. I have lots of lettuce, arugula  carrots, beets, kale, brussel sprouts...things I didn't have the room for before.

Lettuce and Arugula off to the left are green onions and soy beans (although my bean sprout has disappeared) off to the right is a little cherry tomato plant

This is all my mescalin mix lettuce and green leaf lettuce

In front is my Arugula, regular Italian and Wasabi Arugula...I love it

Bottom right are raddishes, to the right of that is carrots, then the gray green plants are broccoli...the rest are all different beets...I CANNOT WAIT FOR BEETS!

These are all Brussel Sprouts. Something has been munching on them out there...but they are still going strong. I can't wait to get some sprouts off of them! I have no idea how long they will take to grow.

After six months of begging, our landlord finally added a water spigot to the backyard...which is why I had a winter garden and not a summer garden. With the water, the mystery cirtus tree in our backyard came to life and has a ton of yellow lemons on it! I'm so excited! I love love love if they'll just ripen up enough!

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