Thursday, November 01, 2012

Remote Possibilities

Most of the time Mario and I fall asleep with the television on. Partially it drowns out the Bear. Partially it's from when with lived in the last apartment and there was a little "activity". At least if there was noise from the tv, I didn't have to worry about hearing stuff I didn't want to hear. Lately though, we've been sleeping with the television off a bit more. Its far more peaceful here and with my Thunder storm and rain sounds, the television just isn't needed.

The problem that we have always had, though, is the remote control. Where should it go? Mario insists on putting the remote on top of me when he goes to sleep. He will lay it on my back if I'm already sleeping or on my tummy if I'm still watching it. This makes me crazy. When I complain about this, he tosses the remote to the end of the bed...kicking it off half way though the night while he runs in his sleep. I just put it between our pillows. Then it's out of the way and if we wake up and decide to watch a little tv, there it is. For some reason he just can't have it there. He'll fall asleep sleeping on his phone and his headphones, but he can't have the remote hidden between our pillows.

Luckily, most of the time I fall asleep last, so I get the final say on where it goes. Of course, he wakes up more often during the night, so I wake up with the remote on me anyway. Although most of the time it's a mystery where it will end up by morning. Today was no exception. I woke up while Mario was in the shower. I decided to turn on the tv and see what was going on in the world. I looked in my usual spot between the pillows...nope. I threw back the covers on Mario's side of the bed...nope. Smoothed out the blankets looking for any lumps...besides the lump of dog that was laying next to me. I didn't find anything, so I just picked up my trusty iphone and worked with that.

Eventually Mario came out of the bathroom and I realized that I that my bladder was full. As I started removing the random kittens and dog from around me, I noticed an extra not my lovely lady lumps.  Somehow, the remote control had made it's way up my pajama top and was up near my armpit!

Me "Mario! Do you see this?" Showing him a lump in my pajama
Mario "What is that?"
Me "The remote! The remote is up my pajamas! How did it end up there?!"
Mario smiling "I probably did that, didn't I?"
Me "probably!"

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