Saturday, December 08, 2012

A.D.D. Blogging

1. Last night a commercial came on for dictation software and Mario asked if that would be helpful for my blogging. I told him that would be great. I could talk as I work on my photos! Brilliant! Then it occurred to me, that I'm my mother's daughter and all you would see is long rambling blogs peppered with curses, snorts and laughing. Maybe it would rock...most likely it would show you how true the ADD blogging is...oh sparkles!

2. I absolutely love seeing my family for Thanksgiving. What I love most is that down to earth, no bullshit opinions of my Uncle Chet. I went up to northern CA with a few things I wanted to ask his opinion on. I came home with lots of great advice and so much to think about.

3. I've gone crazy and to decided I'm putting a new website up for my business by the new year. I'm so ashamed of my site as is...I can't stand it! New yea,r new look! Hold me to it people!

4. My Uterus just sent Mario a text message asking him to bring home desert after work. My Uterus will be very upset if it doesn't get desert...the rest of me will be ok with it.

5. When ever an infomercial comes on and they say "Don't be fooled by...blah blah blah..." I have to say "Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...I'm still Jenny from the block". In the same voice as the announcer of course.

6. We changed the locks in our apartment last weekend. I forgot to tell our cleaning lady. So, today when she tried to show up and couldn't get in, she decided that was our way of telling her we didn't want her working for us any more. She called me pissed off and I couldn't help but laugh. I told her I wasn't that much of a chicken shit and that I'd make her a new key...Mario didn't have a key yet either.

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