Monday, June 04, 2012

My New Game

One of the new fun games I have started to play is "When Will Mario Notice?" No, not that game that bitter wives play when they get their hair cut and get then pissed when their husband doesn't notice. This game is fun.

Mario and I tend to have the standard running list of things that we want to get done around the house...eventually. We always think it will get finished next weekend...and it tends to not happen that fast. Since I've really been getting things done around here, I finally decided to hit some of the things on our running list.

First on the list was getting some curtains up in the living room. We can not stand vertical blinds. These have the bonus of being broken vertical blinds. We had curtains and everything else we needed. So, while Mario was in class, I set out to get those bastards ironed and up on the wall! They went up easily enough. I might have had to iron them two times and they still look wrinkled, but they were up...and they looked good. It added a lot of texture and a more finished look. I was pretty happy. I knew Mario would love the curtains...I was just curious how long it would take him to notice.

I figured it wouldn't be too long. He usually comes home all excited about the things he learned in class...I know...geek! Then I figured he'd have some dinner, relax and then "oh hey look how nice!". Nope...there was competition!

Mario had ordered some gadget from Amazon and it had come in the mail. He was in love. The man walked in the, talk, talk about school...saw the box...opened it like a kid at Christmas...played with new toy...walked down the hall...came back down the hall facing said curtains the entire time...sat in front of curtains playing with toy again...went into the kitchen for some dinner...walked back from kitchen facing curtains but not seeing them because he was gazing lovingly at new toy..."You used to look at me that way" I said jokingly...shot me the look that says "I was not gazing lovingly at my new toy" which made me laugh cause he totally was. I knew there was no chance for the curtains. I would just wait and see.

He noticed two days later. I had been out for the entire day and was finally home. "Oh, honey, you put the curtains up! You must have put those up pretty early before you left this morning."
Me smiling..."No I put them up while you were at school"
Mario..."no way! I can't believe didn't notice!"
Me..."Yeah, I wondered how long it would take. It makes the place look so different. But you had gotten your new toy...and it's all you could see. You even put the toy right in front of the curtains...but you only had eyes for the toy"
Me..."It's alright. I was more curious how long it would take...there were bets made."

Of course that couldn't be the only round of "When Will Mario Notice". One of the things that has driven me absolutely crazy since the day we moved in this joint was the fridge. Because of the different layout of the kitchen, the fridge now opened the wrong way. This was actually pretty high on my get-er-done list. Luckily one of my friends was over. "Ever switch the door on a fridge?" Her response..."I think I'm about to learn"

Cussing, one reference to the google for a little help, the better part of an hour and one discussion about whether we could carbonate wine in our soda machine, and the fridge now opened in the correct direction. This was exciting. I was quite proud of us...hell I'm still proud of us. We didn't even empty out the fridge or freezer door before we took them off...I'm not sure if this was a benefit or not...but it's all back together and in working order. We basically switched the handles to one side and switched the hinges to the other side. I only wish there was a way to have switched the hinges and kept the handles where they were...that would have really confused the man! I couldn't think of a way of doing it without possible breaking the handle, so it I let it go. And I waited...

This time it wasn't that long. Mario came home and walked into the kitchen for a drink. I purposely stayed in the living room because I knew I would blow it and start laughing if I was in the same room as him.

I heard him reach for where the handles were and I swear I could hear the confused silence. Then..."Honey! Uh, um, the door, did, changed..."
Me trying not to laugh "What?"
Mario "The fridge door..."
Me "the fridge door?"
Mario "You switched the door. It's on the other side."
Me "What are you talking about?"
I couldn't keep it up though cause the poor man was stammering and completely backwards..."Yes I switched it. I talked Colleen into helping."
Mario knowing I've been playing my new favorite game "When did you do this?"
Me "Last week."
Mario "What! I can't believe I didn't notice! Oh my god!"
Me "I'm just kidding! We only finished half hour before you came home. It's much better, right?"
Mario "It feels so different! I actually makes the kitchen feel much better!"

I haven't figured out what round three will be...but I can't wait. He's aware of my new game, but I don't think he cares because all the odd shit is getting taken care of around here!

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