Sunday, June 03, 2012


I've been on a real kick lately. I've been making weekly lists and getting shit done! I spent the last few months sans list and spent more time wondering what the hell I've been doing.

Out came the list again, and I've been uber productive. Things that I have been sitting on for months are getting finished. I know...I write a blog like this at least once a year. Me surprised that writing everything out actually helps me get more finished...I can't help it, I'm surprised every time.

With so much of the odd stuff getting finished around the house and a few good size projects on the business horizon, I took the weekend off from the list. I decided I needed to get a few fun things finished. My first project was technically on my mental list. I have been looking at it every day and wondering what I'm going to do with it. Our dining room built-in...

I love it. I've always been a sucker for a cute built-in. This one is sure cute...but it's blah. Since we moved in, I have been trying to decide what I wanted to do with it. I think I had decided to line it with cute fabric or paper. I just hadn't found anything that would fit and I couldn't decide how I was going to attach said paper or fabric to the inside. Even in the shower this morning, I was trying to decide if I should just use contact paper...the only problem is that I haven't seen any contact paper that I even remotely like. So, as Mario talked about hitting home depot after lunch, I instantly decided that I was going to paint it teal.

Not only did I pick up my paint, but I picked up supplies for another project that has been gathering in my closet....aaanndd....I finally picked up two cute planters with flowers for my front porch! I have been looking for oh four months now. Yes, it's a miracle. Anyway, here is the finished project...

Ignore the yellow cast...the color is actually much more teal than the blue it's showing. I'm in love. It pops and I can actually see my glass cake plate and little dishes. Of course I had to pull my grandmother's and mother-in-law's tea cups to put out. I think there will be a few more things shifted around until it feels right, but holy heck it's finished! A really quick little change that makes me infinitely happy. I've actually been walking around the house trying to figure out if there is somewhere else I can use this color...I wonder if Mario would notice if I painted out closet teal?

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