Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So This is What They Discuss at Quilting

"Hi Laura, it's your mother. Oooh...god I'm having too much fun here. I've been working on the health insurance at work. Anyways, had a fun time last night at quilting. We were having enjoyable time. And we were talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey... didn't know that was three books. And then there was a discussion. Nancy has decided that I'm the one that has to get rid of her "toys". They're in a Chico bag, under a pillow in her closet. Oh my god! We were having a very interesting discussion with that last night. Oh and we talked about the hunger games....blah blah blah. Love you whole bunch. Bye"

Why. Why is this a message that my mother leaves on my phone?! Why is this being discussed at quilting? Why is my mother in charge of getting rid of someone else's "toys"? And why are they in a Chico bag? Despite all my questions, I didn't call her back...I really don't want to know.

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