Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I don't like to come back with a negative post, but mama needs to vent!

I photographed an apartment for a friend last week. Very nice people, very cute little apartment. I did the work and as a favor to her, I posted their apartment for rent on to Craigslist and another rental site. It's easy stuff and I was happy to do it.  On Monday, I decided to check in and see if they were getting calls. She said they had gotten a number of calls over the weekend, but it was like Goldie Locks and the Three's too small, it's too big, it's too expensive. No one was a fit.  It's now Tuesday and she's decided that the listing is not on Craigslist. This is obviously not true considering she got a number of phone calls. She went online to check, didn't immediately find said listing, so assumed it wasn't on Craigslist. I got multiple phone calls and emails from her, then she decided that it was emergency status and had a mutual friend call me AND Mario. This is a little out of control. This all happened while I was taking a shower this morning. I finished getting dressed, took care of another client issue, then started making sure all postings were up and running. They were. Just to make sure the listing was on the front page, I renewed the previous listing and made a second listing. I then sent her the links in an email and called and left her a message.  I have been getting messages all day long!!! Phone calls, text messages, messages in games, and through mutual friend. This is out of control! She cannot find any of the listings. I have no idea where she is looking. I finally took a screen shot with both listings highlighted on the front page as proof that they are online and emailed it to her. Only to get another message saying she cant find them.  It's now 1:45am and I just got another message. I just responded to her by letting her know I've done all I can. If she doesn't believe they are online, she would be better off posting them herself. I also told her that she should consider lowering the rent if she's not getting any hits.  I don't like the feeling that I'm to blame at all! I also don't like how it went into emergency status so fast! Take it down a notch! I'm a photographer, not a real estate agent. I've done what I said I would and have triple checked to make sure it's all correct. The number one reason a house doesn't sell is it being priced too high. I think this is the problem here. Rental price is too high.  I understand they need this rented quickly. I'm sure it's easier to take their frustrations out on me, than it is to make adjustments to ensure their property rents. All I want to do is tell them to bugger off...but I know I'll make sure this gets taken care of...damn me and my niceness!!

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