Friday, March 16, 2012

You know It's Time To Go on a Diet When...

Mario is at a convention this weekend. So it's just me and the dog, while Mario runs around a comic convention with friends. I'm actually pretty excited really, I am going to hang out with the pup and work on some sewing while Storm Watch 2012 hits southern California (otherwise known as regular old rain everywhere else).

Last night Mario decided to see if there were any cheap hotels close by the convention and found a (hopefully) nice cheapie hotel to share with a few friends. This means he won't have to drive the hour back home each night. Which, in turn means, much less worry for me about Mars driving late at night after a long day...but this also makes me miss him. So, I decided it was only fair to make him miss me.

After a long week at work, Mario came home last night exhausted. So, as he snoozed on the couch and cuddled with the pup, I decided to surprise him and pack his bag. Then he can just get into bed and not worry about it. A swimsuit for the hot tub, tennis shoes, shorts, undies, shirts, and most importantly...Earplugs for his buddies! With all his clothes and his toiletries packed up, I decided to write him a saucy letter...

Dear Sugar Pants, 

I'll miss you so much. Have fun with your friends and at the convention. I appreciate everything you do for us. Here's a little something from me...I'll wear it for you when you get home. (Blah blah blah more mushy and naughty stuff)

I love you lots,

PS...I'll even miss your sleep talking and your sleep ninja fighting.

Then I went to my panty drawer to find something sexy to wrap the letter in. Maybe those new black lacy did that number with the writing on the butt know, where is that cute thong in here...hmmm that's not really what I'm looking for...there's got to be something cute and sexy in here... nothing was a matter of fact everything looks huge! It's not sexy if he's going to pull out a pair of panties that are GINORMOUS!!! Holy hell! When did my cute little panties become so big! Now what am I going to wrap the note in? A nighty is to much fabric...I know a bra! The red lacy one...yeah he likes that one...then I held it up...still least a big bra means big boobs though. So, I wrapped up the letter and put it in his bag under a shirt he'll wear tomorrow.

If it all works out he'll come home Sunday ready for sexy time...and in the mean time he can use my ginormous bra as a back pack to carry crap around the convention.

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