Monday, September 19, 2011

Encased Meat

Mario came running into our bedroom very excitedly, "Honey, I just found Kielbasa in the fridge!"
Me "Yeah, I told you I bought it yesterday"
Mario "No, you didn't." ...doing a happy dance.
Me "Yeah I told you and you made up a whole song about how wonderful Kielbasa is"
Mario "You just said the word Kielbasa and it makes me so happy that I started singing about it. I didn't hear that you had actually bought some!"
Me "Yes I bought it to make for dinner don't touch it!"
Mario dancing around the room.
Me "I had no idea Kielbasa would make you so happy"
Mario "I might have to make up another Kielbasa song now that I know we actually have some in our house!"
Me "You're strange."
Mario "It's the kielbasa!"
Me "Well, I have to tell you, Bob was using the kielbasa for a pillow earlier"
Mario "What?"
Me "I forgot that it was in the bag and left it on the couch. Bob was sleeping on it"
Mario "I'll eat it any way!"
Me "Of course you would"

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  1. I love Mario... I pictured the dance, but I really need to hear the song. I hope it's akin to his Ruben lament.


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