Friday, August 26, 2011

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1) I am still trying to tan away that tshirt that is still on me. I really didn't get a lot of time in at the pool the week before that wasn't much help. I still enjoyed it though! I'd kill for that pool this week!

Today it occurred to me that I really only have a week to get this done. Either I get some sort of a tan, get a spray tan, or wear a sweater. Left with those options I laid in one of the chairs in the backyard, sprayed the hose  straight up in the air, and pretended that the air conditioner was the sultry sound of the ocean....not even close! At least I tried. I heard about this great beach in Long Beach...might have to try it out next week.

2) I am now the proud owner of a new-to-me camera! I'm so happy! I feel like I'm working with better tools. No more ghetto camera! Woo Hoo! I should have had this camera three years ago!

3) I'm due for some new bras. So, I'm at that point where I'm wearing the bras that have issues. A couple days ago, I revisited a bra that had been relegated to the back of the bra drawer. One strap that continually falls down. Broken underwire. I can't stand wearing it any more. However, It does pull the girls up and gets the job mostly done. Out of desperation I strapped that brazier on and headed out to run errands.

First errand down, I headed to the dollar store for a few very high quality items. I collected my things and headed to the check out. A nice looking guy got in line behind me. I checked out and that was that. Just as I got to my car, I heard a "hi". I turned around to see the cute guy from in line. I said hi back. Then I got the cheesy "How you doin?" Very Joey Tribiani from "Friends". "Uh good thanks" Then I turned to unlock my car...very happy to have something to do rather than just stand there awkwardly. Seeing another opportunity he said "Can I help you put your bag in your car" I looked down at the one single bag I was holding and said "Thanks, I got it" He smiled and walked away and I said to myself, "Man I need to wear this shitty bra more...that dude was hitting on me!"

6) I've decided that the new neighbor is making me nervous. He's a bit cocky. He also parks his big truck right out front and stares down the assholes across the street. He's been keeping a big eye on those guys. Because of that they are watching him. At night everyone around is turning out their it's so so so dark on the street. I'm hoping nothing is going to happen before we move. I don't want him to set anything off. Mario says at least the attention is officially off of us. I'm not so sure. We just have to make it another month or two and we are out of here. (Getting that new camera set us back a few weeks in moving, but it was a priority for the wedding. I know it doesn't make sense when it's written out.) I think I need to start calling the city and try to get a street light put in. They all might be turning their lights off but it's so dark! You can't see what's going on at all. They have even taken to putting a blanket on the fence...the neighbor thinks it's so he can't look in. I just don't want him to get too cocky and start anything. I hate this!

5) Luckily I have my sister's wedding to keep my mind off all that. It's all of a sudden next weekend! I have gotten countless phone calls about hotels or no hotels. Should my friend stay with us or should she stay at a hotel. I mean I finally told my mom to decide and let me know when we get there. I can only tell my friend she's in a hotel, in the living room, in a hotel, in the second bedroom, at my sister's house, at a hotel, we're at a hotel, in the sunroom so many times. She doesn't care. Just make sure she has a place to sleep woman!

We have the same situation with hair and makeup. Mom wants to drive 45 minutes away cause her lady is somewhere else and she trusts her hair lady. Well, I'm not driving over there when there are closer salons. Lindsay is going to one place, mom at another, her best friend at yet another, We should all go to mac at macys. No over here. No, all at Lindsay's place. My mother and sister are killing me and it never fails that if one calls, the other starts calling or texting. Ask mom to do this. Ask your sister that. Luckily I have finally found how the phone can make a conference call. They both call at once. I connect them all into one call and then make them talk to each other. I live six hours away...they live 20 minutes apart! Get it together ladies! I know it's crazy now, it will be over before we know it. I can't wait to get up there!

6) I'm also still trying to figure out how to make a proper photo booth for my sister's wedding. We have the general idea, we just have to compile it all together. I have one week to get this together and working. I don't want to have to worry about it when we get up to the Bay Area. One of my best friends is flying in to shoot the wedding and we have things to take care of up there. I don't want to have to stress out trying to get it finished and cook and get ready and figure out what we're doing. No thanks.

If everything works out, we should have some very cute and fun props and a fun little photobooth. So long as those Craigslist people call me back and follow through...we know how flackey they can be. It's ok, I have back-ups...and back-ups for my back-ups.

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  1. think of it like: new camera=more jobs=moving sooner and maybe even (gasp) a bigger place :)


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