Friday, August 12, 2011

Things have been fairly quiet around the homestead. I haven't stolen any cameras or puppies, so at least I'm behaving! 

1) I'm really feeling good about my business. I've been really trying to ramp it up. It's really turned around though lately. A month and a half ago, I was wondering if I should still be doing photography. Now I'm back on track. I'm back on my plan. My to-do list is nice, long and very detailed. I have a list of goals a mile long and am just feeling inspired again finally. I actually have some pretty big plans in the works...very excited!

2) I have found a photo of Coco that I think should fully explain why I am obsessed with her butt...

Look at that butt! It actually looks pretty tame there, I mean she can balance a glass on top! I mean I think my butt is that size, but my waist sure isn't that size! I really don't think it's that round. So that's that. There is the famous butt.

3) I have so much to finish in the next month and I'm not sure how I'll get it finished and not sure if I have enough money to cover it all...I better! I can only really tell you part of it...part is a big secret that I can't tell you until afterwards. Part of the big news is that my bebe sister is getting married next month. Totally not ready, but I'm totally excited! Being so far away makes me feel so removed, but she keeps giving me little things to do down here. I can't wait to see how it all comes together! 

I have two photography assignments for the big wedding. First, was hiring one of my best friends as the photographer as a gift for my sister...otherwise I was going to have to do it myself and that isn't so easy when you are in the ceremony. So, I have to fly her out from Arkansas and get to the wedding on time! Not like she's a problem, but now I have to coordinate Mario, me and Tracy...and poor girl has to put up with my family under stress and nerves! She said she'll just bring a box of wine for when they start getting out of hand. At least she knows their "medicine"!

Also, I have the very important assignment of setting up a photo booth. I'm excited. It would have been a breeze, except that my sister choose the one park without any electricity. So how do you run a printer, computer, lights, and all that fun stuff without any where to plug it in? I have something in mind but we'll see if it least it's for my sister and not some bridezilla. Hopefully I get it all worked out soon!

4) In other news, we have a new gang in town. The neighbors even came and asked if we had seen them. We have in fact. It seems like there have been quite a few more of them lately. It's not totally comfortable because you can't always see them, but you know they are sitting in the dark watching. 

Opossums. A whole gaggle of them...or whatever a bunch of them is called. They live in the tree right in between our two doorways. The tree favors their door a bit, so when they walk up to their door they come face to face with the gang. 

I can actually hear them climbing around in the tree right now from our apartment. I can hear their nails scratching on the branches...creepy right? They are climbing around. We came home last week to one little guy sitting in the bushes next to our door. Luckily they aren't confrontational.

I'll tell you what, I'll take this gang over the gang across the street. Although, I think our neighbor might choose the guys across the street over the little family of animals that greets her when she comes home each night.

5) I'm dog sitting the next week. Hopefully I'll get my fill of puppies. But my real goal while dog sitting will be tanning by the pool. One of the bridezilla's requests is that we wear a white dress. I am a natural odd pink color. I'm not a natural tanner, but I can pull a little bit of color. However, no matter how hard I try I will still have a  the farmer tan. Yes, I will probably look like I'm wearing a white tshirt under my dress. It's a classy look I tell you, but very few of us can pull it off with that special flair. If tanning doesn't work, I'm going to resort to a big flower or a butt bow to keep people's attention off my tshirt tan.

6) No more surprise visits from the new neighbor. However, if you look at the comments from that post, our former neighbor mentioned that she mistook our door for hers a few times. I was laughing so hard. She said there were a few times after dark when she couldn't figure out why her key wasn't working, only to realize she was at our door. Now I'm surprised that I haven't done it myself. 

7) I'm making this too long...but last week, Mario came running in the bedroom all excited. "I bought a house! I bought a house!" I felt a little feeling in my soul...I think it was hope and excitement and wonder at how..."on my Star Wars Galaxies Game!" 
Me "You really came in here and woke me up at 2am to tell me this?" 
Mario "You can help me decorate it! I'm going to go kill some guys so I can get a rug!"
What else can you say? I went back to sleep.

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