Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pool party at our house!

One if the really nice perks to our apartment is the nice size back patio. BBQs, fire pit, garden, storage, and laundry...all kinds of things can go out there, including us and a gin and tonic.

One of the favored activities of our neighbor is pool time. Every summer he goes down to Target, picks out one of those big square blue inflatable pools, comes home and sets it up for the summer.

We set up a pool one year and loved it. It hasn't quite been as hot the last two years, so we haven't set one up again. We didn't want to give up space for something we might not use. However, it never fails that our neighbor sets one up every year. He has pool parties with his buddies, BBQs, and just enjoys it in general. 

Now that he has a live-in girlfriend, they've decorated the patio a little bit more. There are cute Hawaiian touches...tiki torches, posters, wall coverings. It's gone from bachelor inspired utilitarian to campy Hawaiian. It's pretty, I'm not above taking a peak over the fence to see what they've done. 

A few weeks ago though, I noticed they emptied the pool. I say noticed because our patio was now full of their pool water...I love being the tiniest bit down hill! I thought it was a little early for the pool to come down. It's still warm out and they use it.

So, when we ran into the neighbors the other night, we found out what happened. They didn't empty their pool. At first, I was thinking it might be our asshole cats...way to go jerks! Nope. It was the assholes across the street. We assume at least. Why do we assume you ask? Well, because they went outside to find the pool deflated and a bullet in the bottom of it!! HOLY SHIT! Probably from someone shooting up into the air. How f-ing scary! 

We are definitely moving in October! That's when we know we'll have the money. I have had a lot of shoots lately (photo shoots mom, not drive bys) but have no money yet...I hate waiting for billing!! It is time to get out of dodge!


  1. Please tell me they turned the bullet in to the cops on the off chance it matches to a registered gun.


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