Tuesday, August 09, 2011

I'm more desperate in my subconscious

I'm going to start by saying that the current state of my camera is pathetic. It is over six years old...which, in the digital world, is antient. I'm sure the exposure is off. The hot shoe for my flash is loose, so I have to hold the flash in place a bit. But it's been a good camera to me...especially considering the abuse I've put it through. It's travelled with me, it's been there on special occasions, it's been dropped, it's got personality, and it's stubborn.

That being said, I am long overdue for a new camera. Long long overdue. I've had my eye on the new camera for a while now. However, life has ways of keeping that new camera just out of reach...car repairs, bills, all that random stuff that always comes up when you are just about ready to buy that beautiful new camera.

The new camera idea is so far from new though, that there have already been two versions of the camera released. I need a new camera and I want a new camera. I think about it quite a bit and I can't wait until I finally get my hands on it! This morning I was made far too aware of how desperate I am apparently really getting.

I dreamt last night, Mario and I were in an autobody shop. I needed to take a photo Of some things for insurance and the auto body shop was nice enough to lend us their camera...the exact beautiful camera that I want and need bad! They had no idea what they had! I was beyond jealous! The man handed over the camera and was called to help another customer in the other room. When he didn't come back and as we waited for our ride, I convinced myself that they had totally forgotten the camera exsisted. So, I decided to keep it...ok I'll be honest, steal it. I carefully wrapped it up in a jacket and put it with our stuff. Then we hung out. They had completely forgotten about the camera. It was mine free and clear!

Apparently I am so desperate for this new camera, that my subconscious is willing to steal for it! What have I become?! Not only that, but when I knew I had gotten away with the camera, I decided that I wanted their cute little dog too...What is wrong with me!!

Luckily, I'll hopefully finally be able to actually buy my new camera in the next month or so...so I won't actually have to resort to robbery. Still, am I really that desperate that I'm willing to steal a camera and dognap a dog!

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