Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Night Shift

I'm really not a morning person. I'm sure I've told you this before. More times than not, I stay up late and sleep in. It works for me for now. I'm sure that will change when bebes come along. However, it's just fine for now. If I need to be at a shoot or a meeting early, I'm there without a question when I need to be...regardless of how early it is.

That being said and as backwards as it sounds, I usually wake up early to  use the restroom before Mario starts getting ready for work...before Mario takes his ridiculously long shower...and I'm stuck trying to sleep a little longer with my legs crossed. Then I get back into bed and check my emails real quick. Delete what needs to be deleted. Respond to any client emails. Delete a bunch forward this email to 25 friends and you'll receive a million dollars. Then I check the restaurant's emails and then I generally return a few text messages. About this time, mario gets up and heads to the bathroom to get ready for work and I hunker back down and try to sleep for a little while longer.

Most of the time I am quite coherent for my early morning business stuff. Today, it turns out...not so much. Only I didn't realize this until about 8pm tonight. Now, I had been working on a shoot, so, I had gone to sleep very very late. About the time 6am rolled around, I had only been sleeping for a few hours. However, I still got up and made my run to the bathroom, then hopped back in bed....and then vaguely remember checking emails.

Later at dinner is when there was any clue that my morning email session hadn't gone as well as normal. I was trying to explain a recipe to Mario that Tracy had sent me that morning. Failing to explain it, I tried to pull up the email....but couldn't find it...anywhere! I remember responding to it! I checked all my sent mail. I checked the trash. I checked my inbox. I even checked unsent emails. Not being able to find my response to the email was one thing, however, not being able to find her original email was another. Where the hell was it! I know she sent me a recipe!

About my third time through my inbox, I did find an email. Not Tracy's recipe, but a from my favorite sushi joint. I don't remember seeing it this morning...but woo hoo coupons!

Then I decided to look at my sent emails again. No recipe from Tracy! Where was her email and where was my response! Gone! What the hell was I doing this morning! That's when I noticed a peculiar sent email. From me. To my favorite sushi joint. Apparently very sleepy me wanted to send them a thank you note for the coupons. Only sleepy me thankfully couldn't quite pull it off. I only got my name, phone number, and my website into the email before I sent it to them. A sad but nice attempt to get more coupons from them? Who knows. Probably time to stop checking my emails that early in the morning unless I am fully awake.

You know what I did find out? The recipe email was actually a recipe text message. Luckily sleepy me sent an appropriate text message back to Tracy or she would have never let me live it down. I'm also thankful it wasn't a client...makes me wonder if I've done this before...lets just pretend I haven't ok?

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