Thursday, July 28, 2011

No blaming sleepy me this time!

I lent my car to a friend for a few days this week. Her car was in the shop for repairs and mine was free to use, so it worked out. Today, was the day we needed to get our cars back to their respective owners.

Early afternoon she gave me a call letting me know that she was on her way. I figured after dropping her off at the garage, that I would head over to the restaurant for a change of scenery. So, I started packing up my computer. Part way through packing, I decided I was taking too long. I didn't want to leave her waiting for me, so I just grabbed my purse and headed out the door. I could just drop her off and just pick up my computer on my way back.

I locked the door and headed to the alley. Then decided to check if I had my keys. Cause it's always good to check after you have locked and shut the door right? Turns out they weren't in their normal pocket...and they weren't in the secondary pocket...and they weren't in the main part of my purse...and they weren't even in the pockets that are too small to fit in. So, I checked them all again...and then again once more.

Not to toot my horn, but I am not a key looser. I am normally very good about putting my keys back in my purse as soon as I'm finished with them. My best friend was notorious for loosing keys...even with the electronic key finder. Mario routinely forgets his keys, wallet and phone at home at least once a week. I can't lock myself out of the house after all the shit I have given them. So, I checked again. No keys. I even pulled all the crap in my purse to make sure they weren't hidden. No such luck...they were no where to be found.

I really wasn't too worried about getting back into the house. I had options. I would have my car and car keys in a matter of minutes. My sister-in-law works about a mile away and Mario only works about 15 minutes away...or I could just break in. I decided I was getting too old to break in to my own the shortness of my skirt would only lead to inappropriate beaver shots for the neighbors. Then I decided that it was silly to drive all the way out to get the key from Mario, when his sister is only a few blocks away.

I dropped off the friend at her newly repaired car, picked up the key from my sister-in-law, kept my girly bits covered, and was over at the restaurant in 15 minutes. I know, not much of a story, but the question still remained...where the hell were my keys? When I stopped back at my apartment, I couldn't find them anywhere. Not in any of the normal spots. Not in between cushions, not under the couch, not in the chair, not in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the bathroom. Not in the freezer. Not in the house at all it seemed.

I had Mario check his car. I checked my car. We checked the apartment again when we got home. I had Mario checking all the spots I had already checked. I was about to call the restaurant we had been at the night before, when I reached into my purse for my phone...and pulled out my keys. That's when Mario yelled, "And that is why I am afraid of your purse!"

Two things I've learned, I'm not as forgetful as I thought...just blind. And also, I now know my purse is the perfect hiding spot from Mario. He does have a huge aversion to my purse. He doesn't even like to hold it. Now I officially know he's afraid of the purse...knowledge is power!

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