Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Splitting Hairs

Last week, Mario and I decided that we were both in desperate need of hair cuts. Something we have both been putting off. However, we knew this was the time to do it. Mario was looking like Jesus with a big bushy beard and I just looked a mess, all frizzy and a the ends of my hair a bit discolored.

We made duel appointments for Sunday afternoon at our favorite spot, Floyds. Can I tell you how excited I was! I love hair cuts! They are so relaxing for me. A good hair cut is like a good massage...but I get the bonus of walking away with a cute hair cut.

I was called first. I went across the room and started talking with my stylist. I was getting my hair washed and was mid way through the most wonderful scalp massage, thinking about how relaxed I am, when I start thinking about how this might be a little too relaxing for Mario. However, as the stylist turned me around and started cutting my hair, I can see Mario chatting with his stylist. Good. He's conscious.

I get back to chatting. This song rocks. Do what ever you want with my hair. Did Amy Winehouse get a boob job? Yes, Purple is a happy color. Then holy shit my husband is asleep while someone has scissors to his head!

Not three minutes after I had seen him talking to the stylist, he had completely passed out! I understand it's relaxing, I was right there with him. I'd love to nap through it. Here's the problem though...Mario is not a sound sleeper. He flops. He snores. He bounces. Not only was this not safe, it was probably freaking annoying! 

With the loud music blaring through the place, I couldn't hear snoring. Thank god! But I had the perfect view of him in my mirror...and I was obsessed. I wanted to be able to wake him up, but I couldn't. It's a big enough shop and the music is loud, so I couldn't yell to him or his stylist. My stylist thought it was funny, but thankfully was more interested in my haircut. All I could do was stare at this poor woman trying to cut Mario's hair while he looked like he was having a seizure. She seemed like a patient enough girl. I still felt bad though.

Then as if he heard me yelling at him in my head, he woke up. Said a few things to his stylist. Whew! Thank you! Then, just like that, he was back asleep! That fucker! He was torturing me and the stylist...and probably my stylist also because I was staring at him and not doing much talking to her!

That's when I told my stylist that they should have a rule in the shop. If you fall sleep in the chair, you get your head shaved...or at the very least a mohawk. That would be awesome! I told her that my husband could be the first one. She thought that was a great idea. 

I was hoping to finish up first, so I could go tell his stylist this new rule about sleeping in the chair. However, Mario walked over about 5 minutes later acting like he was wide awake and had a pleasant time talking with his stylist for the duration of his haircut. I called bullshit on him though. As he got half way across the shop, I yelled, "I hope you tipped that nice girl very well for sleeping in her chair for the whole haircut!"

He turned around and headed right back over to his stylist with a little extra tip. He is also now very aware that next time he falls asleep in the chair, he's getting a mohawk...I kinda can't wait.

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