Monday, July 18, 2011


This weekend was a nice mellow weekend spent running errands, doing a little shopping, but mostly just spending time with Mario. I smootsy cute. It was a great weekend though.

Fast forward to last night. We had gotten a call from friends about seeing the last Harry Potter movie. We got the message late and wouldn't be able to see it with them, but decided that we couldn't resist seeing seeing the movie anyway. With an hour to spare, we headed over to one of our favorite mexican restaurants to split something fast and yummy.

We knew we didn't have much time. We made the important food decision quickly. They delivered the food even faster. We were about half way through shoveling our food in when our waiter came to refill drinks.

Mr Waiter "More iced tea sir?"

Mario in the most loving caring sweetest voice says "Yes, thank you honey"

The "ey" part of "Honey" was drawn out just enough for me to realize he was trying to figure out if he could turn it into something more manly and more appropriate for the waiter. It takes a lot to embarrass Mario, but he did it to himself in one sweet loving word. He said it exactly how he says it to me. Sugary sweet and full of love....Mario was horrified.

I couldn't stop laughing. I had tears running down my face. Every time I thought I was finished and could start eating again, I'd have to put my napkin over my mouth so I wouldn't launch my dinner. I had tears running down my face. I had the giggles so bad, this little old lady was trying to decide if I was crying because I was upset or because I was laughing. Luckily Mario was giggling in between being mortified and embarrassed.

He sat like this for a while...well until the waiter came back. Then he tried to look tough and not look like he was hitting on him. That's actually "honey" over his left shoulder on the way back with his drink. They make a cute couple, right?!

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