Friday, June 24, 2011

It's amazing what a girl can get finished at 2 in the morning...

Mario has been back at work the last few weeks. Yay! So, we've been getting used to the long hours again. Being the only clean up guy for this show right now, he's been working late a lot. Coming home at 3am most nights.

Knowing that I really don't sleep well when he's not in bed with me (and because I still have not learnedto not read scary books before going to sleep), I've just decided to wait for him to get home to go to bed. That way, I get to hang out with him for a bit and then just go to bed with him. I know it's sappy. However, as it turns out, I've been able to utilize that time and can get a lot of shit finished between midnight and 3am!

-I can make a wicked dinner. Turkey meat loaf with rosemary smashed potatoes and herb sour cream sauce.

-Throw a load of laundry in the washer.

-clean the bathroom

-go through the mail from the week.

-oooh coupons.

-cook up some chicken for Mario's lunch.

-pack breakfast and lunch for Mario

- make lemon squares.

-change laundry over. put in new load.

-put laundry away from last weekend. put tonight's laundry away.

-oh, I need to transplant those zucchini plants to the new planters. sure, there's enough light in the backyard for gardening at 2am.

-my hands are already dirty, might as well plant some more stuff.

-wash my hands and decide to wash a few dishes.

-play life sucking game Gardens of Time on the computer.

- attack Mario when he comes to the door.

-pass out and have the hardest time waking up at any decent hour the next morning.

I have always been a night person. It's just amazing how much you really can get finished when you're in the groove. Seriously, I would never get this much finished before noon. I've always called bullshit when people say they are more creative at certain times, however, I might now be a believer!

The only problem is sleeping in. Sure, as long as I don't have a shoot, it's fine. However, getting up early on the weekend to go to work is a bitch. I'm sure Mario's schedule will even out more (I'm totally lying to myself here) or more likely I will learn to sleep without Mario again...and I'll also learn to not read scary books before bed...hopefully...probably not.

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