Monday, June 27, 2011

Good things to know...

1. If you park too close to me, I will totally use your bumper to feel my way out of a parking spot...that's what they're for right?

2. I've learned that if a new card game is awesome enough, I'm willing to put up with full thumb cramps as long as everyone else wants to keep playing said game. I've also learned that if my husband thinks this game is awesome also, he's totally ok with me moving my wedding ring to another finger so I don't get a blister from shuffling cards. This game is really awesome ok!

3. I learned yesterday that just because a bug spray says it's organic and safe to use on the day of vegetable harvesting, doesn't mean it won't make the roof of your mouth go numb. A quick rinse won't cut it...make sure you wash those tomatoes really really really well before you pop those babies in your mouth no matter how desperate you are to try the first tomatoes of the season! Lesson learned!

4. I'm obsessed with a new television show..."My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding"...OBSESSED! I can't tell you how fascinating this show is. First of all, who knew gypsy's(really known as Travelers) really existed. Second, gaudy dresses and scandalous outfits meets strict moral codes. These girls are pretty much groomed to be homemakers. Somewhere between 16 and 20 years old they marry. Their job is to take care of their man and home. Girls are not allowed to go out alone. They are usually with a friend or family. After they are married, they aren't supposed to go out without their husband. No premarital sex at all. Reputations are so so important. So they don't put themselves into situations that might lead to questioning. Hence, the not going places alone. But then there is the men. When girls and guys are alone, girls are not allowed to go up and talk to guys. They guys however are they ones to start conversations and they also do "grabbing". The guys grab a girl and try to get a kiss from them...(ok this isn't so different over here) but they tend to get a bit forceful. It almost looks like kidnapping. It's all very interesting. The girls compete to wear the biggest and best dresses. I think I remember hearing something about the more bleeds you have, the better the dress. wow. I can't get enough. That's why I watched uncountable hours of this show today. I took a nap to it. I woke up to it. I can't wait for the season finale of it. I hope there is a season two.

5. After my Gypsy show ended, I was faced with emptiness. What could I possibly watch that would be as good as my Gypsies? Well, then the heavens delivered. Ice-T loves Coco! I have been waiting to watch this since I heard about it. Ice-T id cool and cute. Coco is who I want to know about. She's actually really pretty. They are sweet together. It's her butt I'm interested in though. She's a curvy girl for sure. She's got junk in her trunk. The butt is perfect, it just looks like it's been enlarged and attached to her. She caught my attention with her weekly photos of her butt on twitter...the girl can balance a glass on her tush while remaining upright! It's a special talent really. However, the show actually focuses on how cute, loving and supportive they are. Turns out there is a very sweet, smart, fun girl behind the butt. I'll probably end up watching it with or without the butt. They've won me over.

6. I just went out to move my car. I was parked in the alley and tomorrow is garbage day. That is asking for a ticket! I initially parked in the alley because no one seemed to be able to park correctly on the street. Two cars were taking up four parking spots on one side of the street. Three cars were taking up five spots on another part of the street. When I went to move my car out onto the street, I was hoping that some of these jerkfaces had figured out how to park. Not only had they not learned how to park, but now there were 20 or so garbage cans added to the mess. I knew I was going to end up parking a block over. I carefully backed down the alleyway and just as I entered onto the street, I paused and saw that one car had figured it out! They had backed in and opened up a space in front! Woo hoo! So, I punched it a bit to finish backing out of the alley. Didn't want to loose that spot! Then a heard a crash...and a secondary crash. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car...far back and no where near my car. I pulled forward a bit and then saw my kill in the mirror...garbage cans. Shit. What a dork. I have to admit though, it felt good. Very good. So, when I pulled into the spot I had my eye on, I really really wanted to take out the four cans in front of me. I resisted of course. I am happy I resisted too....cause I had to go pick up the cans I knocked over and clean up the mess I made. Thank god they were recycling was just newspapers. Although the cans were heavy and I might have dropped them a few more times before I got them upright...another lesson learned. Not only should I be watching Coco's ass, I need to watch my own a little better.

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