Friday, July 01, 2011


I'm having a good garden year this year. I have shit growing all over the place in our tiny backyard. The tomatoes are getting so tall, they're heading over the fence to the neighbor. I'm sure my abilities haven't gotten better. I think Mario's super watering system and the great weather should really get the credit for those amazing veggies in the backyard.

There are a ton of tomatoes growing, my basil is getting bigger by the day, my chives have always been awesome (this is the third year they have come back on their own), the parsley is finally kicking some butt, green onions are really starting to thicken and grow strong. I just added mint, sage, and tarragon to the garden and they are already getting bigger in just a week. The zucchini I transplanted last week are now growing strong and getting bigger by the day. And of course my beloved rocket. Some bastard bugs attacked and ate every leaf down to the stick...hence the organic bug spray last week. I trimmed the plants back and they are all growing beautifully again.

I'm sure it will all change when the real summer heat hits. Until then, I'll be happy if this is all I get this summer... it's far more than I've gotten in the last three years of my adventures in gardening. I'm pretty stinking happy!

My cherry tomato plant is out of control. I've been attacking the little red beauties daily. Although, I noticed the little tag that came with the plant said yellow pear tomatoes...these sure are pear shaped or yellow. I'll still take them though!

 I also have some nice size regular tomatoes growing. I'm surprised how many there really are! I even have one really big guy turning reddish. It will go to our first BLT of the season with basil and thick cut bacon...can't wait!

 This year I planted two cucumber plants. I tried cucumber from seed in the front yard last year, but that didn't work out at all. This year I bought a few plants. They have taken off. One is trying to make a run for the other side of the yard. So far there are a ton of these little minute cucumbers with a flower at the end.

However, today I found this first guy camped out in my green onion planter. It's the bigger of the two. Probably 5 or 6inches. The second one I found while showing Mario the first guy. He's smaller. 4 inches or so.

 Here's my basil when it was smaller. I have a bunch more now. The planter looks more like a chia pet. I'm loving it!

Green onions are coming along. Looks like chives now, but should be nice strong onions soon enough. I tried planting these last year in the front yard, but it's far too shady. They never got past the grass stage. These I have hopes for!

Yes I am a proud garden mom and yes you can see that I stalk my plants at night as well as during the day. I'm hoping those cucumbers will be ready for harvest for next weeks camping...woo hoo!

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  1. That's awesome! Yeah I noticed recently when I looked out my window it looked like a jungle over in your side of the back porch. I was jealous. XD


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