Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When Child Proofing is Necessary

When I get ready for bed, I shut the door half way. Not so much for privacy or to keep anyone out, but there are a lot of blinking lights on mario's desk. They happen to flash in my face all night if the door is left wide open. 

Of course, it took me a while to figure out exactly what was bugging me, before realizing it was all the flashy lights. It's like a disco in the living room at night. I'm lucky I'm not having seizures with all the strobing. Door half closed though...problem solved.

Why is it then, when the cat decides to come to bed at night, he has to push the door wide open? Why would he even recognize that the door is in his way? I really only shut it half way. There is plenty of room to fit through. Even in their winter fattiness, both cats could fit through side by side at once and still not touch the door.  

Bob, however, has figured out doors. He does know how to push a door open. You want privacy in the bathroom, latch that door! He has been known to dramatically fling the bathroom door open. Almost looking like a doctor announcing his arrival to help deliver your baby. God forbid you try to wipe without his supervision. 

And if he wants out that front door and you are not accommodating his request of freedom, he will jump up and try to turn the door knob himself.  However, he will try and try and try until he has annoyed the shit out of you. Yes the back door is open, but he knows that the only thing standing between him and the front yard is the little turn of the door knob. Thank god we don't have the doorknobs with the long lever handle, I'm sure I'd wake up every morning with the front door wide open because he decided to go out for an early morning stroll. He is so persistant, I'm afraid one day he will  figure out how to actually turn the knob. 

In the mean time, why is it necessary to fling the bedroom door open when coming to bed? Does it really bother him to have doors partially closed? Do the flashy lights help lull him to sleep? Is this like Marios aversion to empty baskets? 

Until tonight I was unsure...then the door flung open and he strolled into the room like he owned the place. I realized that it's not about the door being closed...that little diva likes to make a dramatic entrance. Picture it...the swoosh of the door flinging open...but there's no one at the door! Then you look down to see a cat with a cool attitude walk in with perfect strobing lights as backlighting! That cat knows lighting and has attitude! He is absolutely my cat!

I'm all for the dramatic entrance, but now learn how to shut the damn door!

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